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A MacNaughton – Sep. 5, 1915

A letter written to his mother from the 5th Field Battery’s position near Neuve Eglise (Nieuwkerke), Belgium on Sept. 5, 1915. The 5th Field Battery had been at this position since relieving the 1st South Midland Brigade on June 26.  September 5 was a dull and showery day but a […]

A MacNaughton – May 28, 1915

A postcard written to his family on May 28, 1915 from Southampton, just prior to embarking for France. Alexander’s reference to the “Town boys” likely refers to those from his home town of Antigonish, NS.  “Bert” is likely Sgt. Bert Cameron (#85657) who is listed as a Riding Instructor in […]

A MacNaughton – May 17, 1915

A letter written to his mother from the Shorncliffe Barracks on May 17, 1915. Transcription: “Dear Mother Just a line to let you know that we are all well and still having a very fine time, the weather is lovely, not too warm in the day time and not too […]

A MacNaughton – May 8, 1915

A postcard written to his family on May 8, 1915 from the Shorncliffe Barracks near Folkestone, Kent. A Canadian Training Camp was established at Shorncliffe in the spring of 1915.  This camp wasn’t an option for the 1st Canadian Contingent who had to endure the horrible conditions on Salisbury Plain. […]

A MacNaughton – Apr. 3, 1915

A letter written to his mother from  Shorncliffe Barracks on April 3, 1915. Transcription: “Shorncliffe April 3 Dear Mother As I have not to do today I think I will send you a few words to let you know that we are still living and having a fine time. The […]

A MacNaughton – Mar. 4, 1915

A postcard written to his family on March 4, 1915 after crossing the Atlantic. The postcard features the R.M.S. “Megantic”, a White Star Line steamer that was used as part of the convey that transported the 1st Canadian Contingent to England in October 1914.  It was also used as a […]

A MacNaughton – Feb. 20, 1915

This letter was written by Alexander MacNaughton to his mother while on board ship, believed to be the S.S. Megantic although at this point not confirmed.  The ship departed Halifax on or around Feb 21 and arrived in Queenstown, Ireland on March 4 before continuing on to Liverpool. Transcription: “Halifax, […]

T W Estee – Jan. 13, 1918

A love letter written to his sweetheart Georgia from Witley Camp in England on Jan. 13, 1918. Tully would survive the war and eventually marry and raise a family with Georgia. Transcription: “The Flag That Flies in Freedom’s Cause” “Witley Camp Surrey, Eng. Sunday Jan. 13th/18 Miss Georgia Gower Dearest […]

Second Battle of Ypres

The 14th Battalion entered the trenches for the first time in late February 1915. In mid-April they moved from France to the Ypres Salient where, in less than a week, the Canadian Division would be embroiled in their first great battle of the war.The Second Battle of Ypres, as depicted in this painting […]

Salisbury Plain

The SS Andania arrived in Plymouth on October 14, 1914 but the troops waited 4 days before boarding a train to Patney from where they marched to West Down South on Salisbury Plain. The 1st Canadian Division then endured one of the worst English winters in memory. View a gallery […]