First World War Soldiers I’m Researching

My Remembrance Gallery is a tribute to the men and women I’ve researched and written about on my website, however there are many other soldiers and nurses I have an interest in. The list below includes those I will be researching in the near future. If you have any information on these individuals I would be very interested to hear from you. The soldiers listed below are all from the CEF unless otherwise noted:

  • Chilton, Angus Everet (Canadian Army Service Corps)
  • Clay, William Henry (Royal Army Service Corps BEF) KIA
  • Cummer, John Wellington (Lord Strathcona’s Horse, Cdn MG Sqdn, 20th MG Sqdn 5th Calvary Div. BEF)
  • Cunningham, Bert (AEF)
  • Dechert, Henry (309th Battalion, I Corps HQ Calvary Troop, AEF)
  • Dickson, Roy Cartnell (1st Depot, 2nd Central Ontario Regiment)
  • Donald, Alec (3rd Field Ambulance)
  • Dunn, Charles Ernest (2nd Canadian Railway Troops)
  • Fleming, Albert Henry (58th Battalion) KIA
  • Gandy, Rawland Lancaster (6th Canadian Siege Battery)
  • Hall, Ernest Dwight Laing (1st Depot Battalion 1st Central Ontario Regiment)
  • Hall, Herbert Wilfred (124th Battalion, 18th Battalion)
  • Holmes, Alexander Brown (40th Battery CFA)
  • Howe, Joseph (27th Battalion)
  • Ineson, William Frederick (5th Field Ambulance CAMC)
  • Irwin, William Howard (3rd Reserve Battery)
  • Jarvis, Harry Ivatt (10th Battalion)
  • Lambert, Albert R (29th Battalion)
  • Loudon, John (Cyclist Platoon M.D. 2 Depot)
  • MacBeth, Benjamin (Royal Field Artillery, BEF)
  • MacBeth, William (Canadian Army Medical Corps)
  • Manlove, Stanley Herbert (3rd Division Canadian Cyclists)
  • Metivier, William James (124th Battalion, PPCLI) KIA
  • Palmer, Joseph Gladstone (58th Battalion)
  • Patten, William Edgar (58th Battalion)
  • Patterson, Archibald (17th Battalion)
  • Pells, John Street (11th Battalion)
  • Price, Alfred Edward (Canadian Army Service Corps)
  • Roy, Herman Wesley (112th Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment) KIA
  • Shaw, Charles Arol (21st Battalion) KIA
  • Smith, Guy (43rd Battalion)
  • Smith, Harold Percival (3rd Brigade Canadian Field Artillery) KIA
  • Spencer, Eli Edwin (10th Field Ambulance CAMC)
  • Spencer, Russell (Canadian Army Medical Corps)
  • Stump, Leonard E (31st Battalion) KIA

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    • I am the grandaughter of Rawland Lancaster Gandy (6th Canadian Siege Battery) of Saint John, NB, who you list above. He did survive the war and lived to 75. We have his medals still, and my Mom who is now 91, has many stories of his exploits including a letter that was published in the Saint John newspaper, that he sent from France. I can find that letter if you are interested?

      • Hello Marilyn,

        Thanks very much for getting in touch. I would very much be interested in the letter that was published in the newspaper as well as any stories of Rawland’s exploits. I have some information for you as well and so I’ll drop you an email this evening.

        Thanks again,

  1. Not much help here but Percy Fisher was (would have been my great uncle, my grandfather was his brother fredrick , killed at the Somme 1916, NKG. Both where born in Eastborne. Don’t know how Percy became to be in the Canadian machine gun brigade.

    • Hi Tony,

      Thanks very much for getting in touch. It’s always great to hear from a relative of a soldier I’m researching. I have a letter from another of your great uncles, I believe it is George (the oldest) and it contains a lot of information on Percy. I would be happy to provide you with a scan. Also, Percy’s service record has been digitized and is available online and can be downloaded for free from Library & Archives Canada. I’ll drop you an email. Thanks again, Steve.

      • Thanks for the info. Some puzzling things have come up, but not suprising given the times. The eastbourne town hall honour roll lists his birthplace as Eastbourne while his service records indicate County Cork Ierland. All the other information indicates that it is the same person.
        As I said in my e-mail I misquoted, my grandfather was Ernest Fredrick Fisher (same adress as Percy) and between them on the honour roll was a Fredrick Fisher that has extremely close enlistment and other records to my grandfather .

  2. Hi,

    Just ran across this post.

    I have some pictures of Eli Edwin Spencer though only one from World War I. He also served in World War II and that’s when most of my pictures were taken. I also have some letters he wrote home to Morden, MB during World War I.

    I’ve also spoken to his son who is 87 and still very sharp too.

    I’d love to share what I have and would appreciate anything you have.

  3. Would you be able to instruct me in how to research info. For my Grandfather, James Reid. Either from Toronto or Ontario. Don’t know much about him except that he was, according to Mom, in the Black Watch. Lost his like I. The war. Thank You.

    • Hi Jo,

      Do you have any other information about your grandfather, for example a middle name or initial, a date of birth or perhaps the year he died? James Reid is a fairly common name and there were many who served in the CEF, and several who died.

      If you know he died in the war then the best place to start is the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website. During the FWW the Black Watch in Canada was represented by the 13th, 42nd and 73rd Battalions. I found two James Reids who died while serving with the 42nd but both were born in Montreal which is where the regiment is based. They were James Hutton Reid (#418703) and James McKinley Reid (#132022).

      Once you have a full name and service number you can look up the attestation papers on the Library & Archives Canada website. I looked up both soldiers but surprisingly #418703 does not exist.

      If you have access to a genealogy website like you should be able to find out quite a bit about him. A birth date, a city or even a relative’s name will help narrow down the search. I have access to a couple of sites so I run a search for you. If you have more information it is probably best to provide more details through the contact form by clicking the “Contact” link in the upper right corner.


  4. Hi, I’m a former member of B Squadron, The Royal Canadian Hussars, the regiment which perpetuates the 1st CMMGB. I’m also a collector and have in my collection the “Mother’s Memorial Cross” for Percy Fisher. I don’t have a family connection to him and believe that it would be best if it were in the family.

  5. Hello,
    I have several items that came feel auction including dog tags- letter explaining J.F. Dickson of the 24th battalions death and some personal items. I would be happy to provide the information but would also appreciate any assistance in finding the next of kin to return his belongings to his family…

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