WW1 Canadian War Diaries

Update April 26, 2016: Library and Archives Canada has made improvements to their Archives Search and Image Search tools which are of immediate benefit to those viewing Canadian War Diaries. Please read my article entitled Improvements to Viewing Canadian War Diaries at LAC for tips on how to use it.

I’ve gathered together individual war diary pages into larger PDF documents. Below you’ll find a list of the diaries I often refer to. They’ve saved me time and I thought they might benefit you as well. Please note some of these files are very large.

13th BtnOct 1914 – Dec 1915 (29mb), 1916 (52mb), 1917 (69mb), Jan1918 – Apr 1919 (102mb)
14th Btn: Oct 1914 – Dec 1915 (14mb), 1916 (50mb), 1917 (69mb), Jan1918 – Apr 1919 (60mb)
16th Btn: 1914/15 (32mb), 1916 (12mb), 1917 (29mb), 1918 – Sep 1918 (25mb), Sep 1918 – Apr 1919 (12mb)
42nd BtnOct 1915 – 1917 (24mb), Jan – May 1918 (10mb), Jun 1918 – Feb 1919 (35mb)
49th Btn: Oct 1915 – Feb 1919 (82mb)
67th Btn (Western Scots): Aug 1916 – Apr 1917 (14mb)
No. 2 Tunnelling Company, Canadian Engineers: Apr 1916 – Jun 1918 (25mb)
1st Pioneer Battalion: Mar 1916 – Feb 1917 (71mb)
9th Btn, Canadian Railway Troops: Mar 1917 – Dec 1918 (99mb)

If you’re looking for searchable war diaries I highly recommend you visit the War Diaries section on the Canadian Great War Project website where you’ll find entries for over 60 Canadian units.

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  1. Thanks Eric. After downloading the individual jpg files I combined them using a macro app on my Mac (it basically combined image files into a single PDF document). Do you have a Mac?

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