Herbert Clifford

99 Years ago today: the Second Battle of Ypres

Today I commemorate my great-grandfather Lance-Corporal Herbert Clifford, 14th Battalion (Royal Montreal Regiment), who in the early evening of April 22, 1915 was shot and captured while on patrol near the G.H.Q. line. Herbert would spend the remainder of the war enduring the hardships of a First World War POW camp. The […]

Second Battle of Ypres

The 14th Battalion entered the trenches for the first time in late February 1915. In mid-April they moved from France to the Ypres Salient where, in less than a week, the Canadian Division would be embroiled in their first great battle of the war.The Second Battle of Ypres, as depicted in this painting […]

Salisbury Plain

The SS Andania arrived in Plymouth on October 14, 1914 but the troops waited 4 days before boarding a train to Patney from where they marched to West Down South on Salisbury Plain. The 1st Canadian Division then endured one of the worst English winters in memory. View a gallery […]