B W Robertson – Dec. 26, 1917

This is a two part letter written to his mother on Boxing Day and New Years Day, just as the Battery had taken up new positions on the front.


Dec 26, 1917

Dear Ma,

We had a merry old 25th after all. I will write and tell you about it. Just now I want this to go out tonight. There were a few little extras that I didn’t expect so I will have to ask you for a ten spot. Send a bill in a registered letter. M.O’s are hard to collect. I could use 15.00 but use your own judgement. The boxes have not yet. I will write as soon as they do.

Love to All,


France – January 1, 1918

Dear Ma.

Happy New Year! I got a notice from the M.F.O. at Southampton notifying me there were two parcels there for me, waiting for me to send my address. They were sent c/o Army P.O. which is wrong. Just B.E.F France but don’t forget the C.F.A. I expect them soon now. I got a box from Aunt Aggie last week.

I left for the guns on Christmas Eve. We are on a new front now, all ready for the Winter campaign. I went back to the wagon lines for the big feed on the 26th. We had a jolly old time. The menu enclosed will tell you what we had. I hope you are settled and had a successful 25th although I know you miss the three that are away.

We had a good safe, and comfortable dugout at the guns (I came back after the dinner). Lots of fire-wood and a good stove so the cold weather doesn’t bother us. It is cold to, but nice and clear. Just enough snow on the ground to make observations good (on both sides) so we have to be very careful when we move around.

I sent an O.Pip to Min. Pretty good number this time when you consider where we are. I meant to send some things for Christmas but we moved before I got a chance. I sent a couple of cards. I sent for a little extra. Just use your own judgement and do what you can.

I will write again as soon as the boxes come or before if I get a chance.

Love to All,


View his original letters and family tree info on Flickr

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