List of Flyers at Toronto Reunion in 1970: Part 1 of 2

A First World War Flyer

An Unknown Flyer During the First World War

Last year I was given an autographed menu from the 52nd Anniversary dinner celebrating the creation of the Royal Air Force (R.A.F.). The event, part of the National Pioneers of Aerial Warfare Reunion, was held in Toronto on April 17, 1970 and was attended by former First World War flyers from across Canada and the United States. If I had a time machine this is one event I wouldn’t miss, one can only imagine the ripping yarns that were retold over dinner that night!

Included with the menu was a directory of names and addresses of more than 700 individuals. It’s an interesting list and so I’ve digitized and transcribed the names in the hopes that it may be of use to those of you researching First World War flyers. Although OCR software is helpful it’s still taken many hours to prepare and so I’m publishing the list in two parts. I’ll publish a spreadsheet of the complete list when I post Part 2.

I’ve included scans of the original pages at the bottom of the article. My transcribed table of information omits the street address (see the scans for that information) but I’ve added a column for Victories. I’ve used this resource for these numbers although I’m aware there are other lists that include destruction of observation balloons and aircraft destroyed on the ground in their totals.

Those who originally compiled the list were careful to note that it contained “Known” names and addresses as of March 1970. I can verify that it is not complete because my cousin twice-removed, Capt. Gerald Gordon Bell (R.F.C. 22, 47 & 150 Squadrons, 16 Victories), is not listed although he was alive and living in Ottawa at the time. Bell died in October 1970.

In 1970 all of the men on this list would be well into their 70’s and 80’s. These “known” survivors of the Great War were credited with a total of 240 Victories. There are some names to be reckoned with however the one that stands out to me is Raymond Collishaw, a Nanaimo boy, whose amazing service record is largely unknown to most Canadians. Collishaw was overshadowed by William (Billy) Bishop but some feel that he would have received more attention and have been credited with more victories had he flown in the Royal Flying Corps (R.F.C.) and not the Royal Naval Air Service (R.N.A.S.).

If you find a mistake or typo please contact me or leave a comment below and I will update my list accordingly. Thanks in advance.

Name City Province Force Unit Victories
ABEY, H. R. Kaslo B.C. R.F.C. 54 Squadron
AIRD, Hugh R Willowdale Ont. R.N.A.S.
AITCHINSON, Dr.D.B. Jerseyville Ont. R.N.A.S. 110 Squadron
ALCORN, Armer M. Port Stanley Ont. R.F.C.
ALDRED, Norman P. Port Perry Ont. R.F.C.
ALEXANDER, Charles Oakville Ont. R.F.C. 42 Squadron
ALEXANDER, Gordon P. Willowdale Ont. R.F.C. 12 Squadron
ALEXANDER, John P. Calgary Alta. R.F.C. 102 Squadron
ALEXANDER, W. Melville Toronto Ont. R.N.A.S. 10 Squadron 22
ALGER, E.S. Oshawa Ont. R.F.C.
ALLEN, Stewart J. Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 88 Squadron
ANDERSON, A. MacGregor Toronto Ont. R.N.A.S. 218 Squadron
ANDERSON, Hugh C. Winnipeg Man. R.F.C.
ANDERSON, William S. Winnipeg Man. R.N.A.S. 2 Squadron
ANDREWS, Philip A. Dubuc Sask. R.F.C.
ANGSTROM, L.C. Amhersburg Ont. R.F.C. 25 Squadron
ARCHIBALD, Lloyd M. Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 100 Squadron
ARMSTRONG, W.T. London Ont. R.F.C.
ARUNDEL, Harold H. Winnipeg Man. R.N.A.S. 2 Wing
ATKINSON, Thomas L. Waterdown NY USA R.F.C. 46 Squadron
AVERY, Walter R. Boca Raton FL USA R.A.F. 13 Wing
AWDE, Ivan W. Hagersville Ont. R.F.C. 56 Squadron
AXFORD, H. Winnipeg Man. R.F.C. 211 Squadro3
AYERS, Lorenz K. St. Louis MO USA R.F.C. 18 Squadron
BAIRD, G. G. Winnipeg Man. R.F.C. 148 Squadroi
BAISLEY, John R. Fort Garry Man. R.F.C. 75 Squadron
BAKER, Albert G. Toronto Ont. R.F.C. Croydon
BALLANTYNE, David M. Montreal Que. R.N.A.S. 2 Wing
BANFIELD, W.B. Winnipeg Man. R.F.C.
BARKER, Robert Victoria B.C. R.N.A.S.
BARLOW, F.Briggs Madison CT USA R.F.C.
BARNUM, B.E. Don Mills Ont. R.N.A.S. 4 Squadron
BARNUM, J.B.M. Victoria B.C. R.F.C. 6 Squadron
BARTLETT, Norman Miami Beach FL USA R.A.F. 60 Squadron
BARTON, T.H. Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 149 Squadron
BATE, E.Donald Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 149 Squadron
BATES, Wm.F. Orillia Ont. R.F.C. 218 Squadron
BATH, H.J. Oakville Ont. R.N.A.S. Felixstowe
BAXTER, Dr.Chas.R. Moncton N.B. R.F.C.
BEAL, A.P. Lindsay Ont. R.N.A.S. 6 Wing
BEASLEY, Percy E. Victoria B.C. R.N.A.S. 6 & 211 Squadron
BEATTY, G.B. Richmond Hill Ont. R.F.C.
BEAVER, W. Columbus MS USA R.F.C. 20 Squadron
BEDINGFIELD, J.Ing Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 79 Squadron
BELLEFLEUR, J.Paul A. Oak Park MI USA R.F.C. 13 & 89 Squadron
BELLINGER, Fred Islington Ont. R.F.C. 70 Squadron
BELL-IRVING, Angus Crescent Beach B.C. R.F.C. 66 Squadron
BENNET, Wm.Herbert Montreal Que. R.F.C. 87 Squadron
BEVERIDGE, C.G. Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 104 Squadron
BICKNELL, Frank R. Plymouth MI USA R.N.A.S. 266 Squadron
BIGLOW, K.W. Toronto Ont.
BILL, Allan H. High River Alta.
BIRD, Harry J. Surrey B.C. R.A.F.
BIRKS, Gerald A. Montreal Que. R.F.C. 66 Squadron 12
BISHOP, Paul R. Athens Ont. R.F.C. 20 Squadron
BISSELL, Albert J. Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 48 & 49 Squadron
BLAIR, Thomas H. Toronto Ont. R.N.A.S. 2 Wing
BLOWES, A.W. Mitchell Ont. R.F.C. 62 Squadron
BLYTHE, P.R. Atherton CA USA R.F.C. 88 Squadron
BOLSBY, Clare S. Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 7 Squadron
BONNALIE, Allan F. Denver CO USA R.F.C. 211 Squadron
BOSWELL, W.H. Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 43 Squadron
BOTTERELL, Henry J.L. Lachine Que. R.N.A.S. 3 & 208 Squadron
BOTTRILL, W.Eric Dundas Ont. R.F.C. 104 Squadron 5
BOVILL, Robert D. Vancouver B.C. R.F.C. 57 Squadron
BOYD, W.H. Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 3 Squadron
BOYLE, Howard A. Buffalo NY USA R.F.C. 65 Squadron
BOYTER, J.Bowman Willowdale Ont. R.F.C. 16 Squadron
BRADBURY, J.W. Scarborough Ont. R.F.C.
BRAZIER, Walter Toronto Ont. R.F.C.
BRECKENRIDGE, Wilder Oakville Ont. R.F.C. 210 Squadron
BRENNAND, C.G. Toronto Ont. R.F.C.
BRETT, Reg. DeR Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 55 Squadron
BRIGHT, Rev. Dennis Victoria B.C. R.F.C.
BRINTEILL, W.Leigh Edmonton Alta. R.F.C.
BRODIE, Ivan M. Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 1, 26 & 46 Squadron
BROOKES,G.E., A/V/M Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 13 Squadron
BROWN, Douglas H. Detroit MI USA R.F.C. 38 Squadron
BROWN, Dr.J.Tracey Oyama B.C. R.F.C. 42 ST.P Flight
BROWN, W.Norman Kilworthy Ont. R.N.A.S. 8 Squadron
BRYERS, Brandon Toronto Ont. R.N.A.S. 7 Squadron
BUCHANAN, Harold D. Westmount R.F.C. 108 Squadron
BUCKINGHAM, A.E. Montreal Que. R.F.C. 82 & 35 Squadron
BUNT, Rev. W.P. Vancouver B.C. R.F.C. 7 Squadron
BURBIDGE, J.C. Sidney B.C. R.F.C. 64 Squadron
BURBIDGE, Maurice Victoria B.C. R.F.C. 55 & 211 Squadron
BURBIDGE, S.P. Winnipeg Man. R.F.C. 55 Squadron
BURGENER, Chris. Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 214 Squadron
BURKITT, W.A.T. Victoria B.C. R.F.C.
BUSHE, John F. Hudson Que. R.F.C. 100 Squadron
BUTCHART, Dana Hibbing MN USA R.F.C.
BYRN, Thos. Stavert Vancouver B.C. R.F.C.
BROWN, F.E. Toronto Ont. R.N.A.S. 8,2,84 Sqadron
CALDER, Donald M. Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 20 Squadron
CALNAN, Lindley, B. Picton Ont. R.N.A.S Grand Fleet
CALNEK, John M. Victoria B.C. R.F.C. 53 Squadron
CAMERON, Ian D. St. Thomas Ont. R.F.C. 65 Squadron
CAMERON, John A. Toronto Ont. R.N.A.S. Def.London
CAMERON, Dr.W.H. Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 21 & 9 Squadron
CAMPBELL, Harry John Toronto B.C. R.F.C. 42 & 8 Squadron
CAMPBELL, Lorne S. Islington Ont. R.F.C. 41TDSSquadron
CART, Ralph S. Vancouver B.C. R.F.C. 73 & 208 Squadron
CARMICHAEL, Geo.R. Kenora Ont. R.F.C. 22 Squadron
CARR-BARRIS, Guy North Vancouver B.C. R.F.C. 73 Squadron
CARROLL, Ralph E. Peterborough Ont. R.N.A.S. 1. 6 & 10 Squadron
CARVETH, Walter A. Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 208 Squadron
CASTLE, Harvard Rochester NY USA R.F.C. 216 Squadron
CATCHPOLE, Basil E. Freshwater Isle of Wight UK R.F.C. 21St. L Flight
CATTO, John M. Willowdale Ont. R.N.A.S. 115 Squadron
CAUDWELL, Norman S. Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 46 Squadron
CHALAIRE, Walter New York NY USA R.A.F. 202 Squadron
Chambers, F. W. Toronto Ont. R.N.A.S. .219 Squadron
Chambers, Jack A. Wayzata MN USA R.F.C. 100 Squadron
Chandler, Robt.N. Winnipeg Man. R.F.C. 73 Squadron
Chapman, W.G. West Vancouver B.C. R.N.A.S.
Chester, Wm.E. Toronto Ont. R.F.C. .20 Squadron
Chevrier, R.J. Portland Ont. R.F.C.
Chisholm, John F. Q.C. Montreal Que. R.N.A.S. .218 Squadron
Chisholm, S.S. Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 84 Squadron
Church, Clifford H. Montreal Que. R.F.C. 79 Squadron
Clappison, H.G. Toronto Ont. R.N.A.S. 204 Squadron 6
Clark, James N. Renfrew Ont. R.F.C. 24 Squadron
Clayton-Kennedy, K.E. Westmount Que. R.F.C. 4 Squadron
Clerihue, V.R. Vancouver B.C. R.F.C.
Cleveland, H.Roland Danville Que. R.F.C. 21 T.D.S Squadron
Cochrane, Gib.W. Toronto Ont. R.N.A.S. Def. London
Collishaw, Raymond, A/V/M West Vancouver B.C. R.N.A.S. 3,13 & 203 Squadron 60
Common, W.B. Toronto Ont. R.F.C.
Compton, Arnold S. Shelburne Ont. R.F.C. 54 & 70 Squadron
Conn, Kenneth B. Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 88 Squadron 20
Cook, Dr.Maynard S. Montreal Que. R.N.A.S. 79, 151 Squadrons
Copland, Harry D. Ft. Lauderdale FL USA R.F.C.
Corbould, C.B. Burnaby B.C. R.F.C. 4 Squadron
Corner, Raymond W. Kelowna B.C. R.F.C.
Corsan, G. H. Miami FL USA R.F.C. 15 Squadron
Cotton, Rev.Henry Willowdale Ont. R.F.C. 25 Squadron
Cozens, Bryce R. Victoria B.C. R.F.C. 123 Squadron
Creery, K.A. Montreal Que. R.F.C. 1 & 3 Squadrons
Crich, DP.W.Aubrey Grimsby Ont. R.F.C. 49 Squadron
Cripps, S.T.B. Montreal Que. R.F.C. 25 Squadron
Crompton, John B. Thornhill Ont. R.F.C. 60 Squadron 5
Cronyn, V.P. London Ont. R.F.C. 56 Squadron
Crossley, Chas. C. King City Ont. R.N.A.S. 2,23,271,225 Squardron
Crossen, Ernest P. San Diego CA USA R.F.C. 24 Squadron
Crowson, A.A. Bert. Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 4 Squadron
Cunningham, Leslie Niagara-on-the-Lake Ont. R.F.C. 29 Squadron
Cunningham, R. W. Tecumseh Ont. R.F.C. 38 Squadron
Curtis, W.A., A/M Nassau Bahamas R.N.A.S. 10 Squadron
Cushing, Dougall Montreal Que. R.F.C. 12,29 Squadron
Da Costa, Wm.R.C. Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 22 Squadron
Dallin, J. Vic. Lansdowne PA USA R.F.C. 54 Squadron
Dalziel, Wm.John Moncton N.B. R.F.C. 27 Squadron
Daniel, C.C.A. Don Mills Ont. R.F.C. 13 Squadron
Daniel, Rev. W.C. North Vancouver B.C. R.F.C. 64 Squadron
Daoust, Louis A. Montreal Que. R.F.C.
Davern, Wm. A. Wellington Ont. R.N.A.S. Calshot
Davidson, T.G.M. Toronto Ont. R.F.C.
Davies, George B. Victoria B.C. R.F.C. 2 Squadron
Davies, Harold E. Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 84 Squadron
Davis, D. W. Ladner B.C. R.F.C.
Davison, H.F. London Ont. R.F.C. 22 Squadron
Denison, Egerton B. Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 45 Squadron
Deremo, J.Carlos Farmington MI USA R.F.C. 15 Squadron
Derry, W.J. Peterborough Ont. R.F.C.
Desbarats, E. W. Beaurepaire Que. R.N.A.S. 1 Squadron
Devitt, L. K. Agincourt Ont. R.F.C. 57 Squadron
DeWolfe, Alex.B. Royal Oak MI USA R.F.C.
Dexter, W. Ottawa Ont. R.F.C. 10 Squadron
Dickins, C.H.(Punch) Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 211 Squadron
Dingwall, G.C.W. Toronto Ont. R.N.A.S. 6 Squadron
Dipple, W.E. Victoria B.C. R.F.C. 18, 205 Squadron
Dixon, Frank A. Chicago IL USA R.F.C. 209 Squadron
Dixon, Geo.C. Vancouver B.C. R.F.C. 40,85 Squadron 9
Dixon, Harry H. Islington Ont. R.A.F. Manston
Dobell, Rt. Rev. R.J. Scarborough Ont. R.F.C.
Dodds, Robert Hamilton Ont. R.F.C. 48 Squadron 10
Doherty, Franklin W. Sun City AZ USA R.F.C. 60 Squadron
Doherty, W.Harvey Toronto Ont. R.F.C.
Dotzert, O. Waterloo Ont. R.F.C. 9 Squadron
Doughty-Davis, J.H. Victoria B.C. R.F.C.
Douglas, Malcolm L. Brockville Ont. R.F.C.
Drew-Brook, Thos.G. Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 73 Squadron
Drummond, J. Elmer Ottawa Ont. R.F.C. 22,48 Squadron 6
Dubuc, H.C. Montreal Que. R.N.A.S. 84 Squadron
Duggan, A.M. Willowdale Ont. R.F.C. 205 Squadron
Duke, Lancelot deS Victoria B.C. R.F.C. 35,84 Squadron
Duncan, Stuart M. Baie d’Urfe Que. R.F.C. 100 Squadron
Dunn, Geo.,J. Orchard Lake MI USA R.F.C. 6 Squadron
DuVal, Hon.Paul G. Winnipeg Man. R.F.C. 113 Squadron
Eatock, William Willowdale Ont. R.F.C. 39,78 Squadron
Eddy, Jos.U. Oshawa Ont. R.F.C.
Edward, A.G. Montreal Que. R.F.C. 65 Squadron
Elliott, John T. Dearborn MI USA R.F.C.
Elliott, R. J. Vancouver B.C. R.F.C. 52,94 Squadron
Elliott, R.s.V. Highland NY USA R.F.C. 19,81 Squadron
Elliott, W.B. St. Catherines Ont. R.F.C. 205 Squadron 5
Emerson, F. J. Toronto Ont. R.N.A.S. Dunkirk
Emsley, Lloyd Detroit MI USA R.F.C.
Entwistle, G.Wilfred Winnipeg Man. R.F.C.
Erb, Irving E Kitchener Ont.
Erzinger, E.Fritz Montreal Que. R.F.C. 2 A.S.D.
Estlin, Prior Laguana Beach CA USA R.F.C. 49 Squadron
Esplen, W.B. Regina Sask. R.F.C. 205 Squadron
Evans, A.C. Brampton Ont. R.F.C. 204 Squadron
Evans, Stanley H. Santa Monica CA USA R.F.C. 52,53 Squadron
Evans, Walter B. Waterloo Ont. R.N.A.S. 209 T.D.S.
Fachine, A. L. Beeton Ont. R.F.C.
Fairbairn, Allan Brockville Ont. R.F.C. 35 Squadron
Falkenburg, Carol F Edmonton Alta. R.F.C. 84, 1 Can. Squadron
Fall, J. S. T. Cobble Hill B.C. R.N.A.S. 3, 9 Squadron 36
Fancy, Chas. Change Islands NFLD. R.F.C.
Fellows, Harold J. Montreal Que. R.F.C. 73 Squadron
Fellows, Herbert Vancouver B.C. R.N.A.S. 3, 213 Squadron
Findlay, Douglas D. Carleton Place Ont. R.N.A.S. 2 Wing
Firby, Geo.A. Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 100, 115 Squadron
Firstbrook, J.H. Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 22 Squadron
Fisher, C. B. North Lindsay Ont. R.F.C. 56 Squadron
Fisher, Philip S. Montreal Que. R.N.A.S. 4 Squadron
Fitzsimon, T. D. Edmonton Alta. R.F.C. 12 Squadron
Flavelle, Gordon A. Vancouver B.C. R.N.A.S. 7, 207 Squadron
Flavelle, Stuart A. North Lindsay Ont. R.F.C. 91 Squadron
Flory, Donald E. Manchestser MI USA R.F.C. 82 Squadron
FOBERT, P.R. Barrie Ont. R.F.C.
FORESTER, Norman G. Edmonton Alta. R.F.C. 24 Squadron
FOSS, Don B. Grand Mere Que. R.N.A.S. 28 Squadron
FOSS, Roy H. Baie d’Urfe Que. R.F.C. 28 Squadron
FOSTER, Hon. Geo. B., Q.C. Montreal Que. R.F.C. 24 Squadron 7
FOSTER, H.L. Agincourt Ont. R.F.C.
FOX, H.Emsley Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 45 TDS Squadron
FRANKS, Selwyn T. Caledon East Ont. R.F.C. 49 Squadron
FREDRICKSON, Frank Vancouver B.C. R.F.C.
FREEMAN-SMITH, H.B. Vancouver B.C. R.F.C. 25 Squadron
FROOM, Oman W. Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 212 Squadron
FROST, Russell W. Hamilton Ont. R.N.A.S. 155 & 185 Sq.
FULLER, George A. Prince George B.C. R.F.C. 9 Squadron
GAGE, George C., Q.C. Hamilton Ont. R.F.C. Ce.Dis.Pool
GAGNIER, R.L. Montreal Que. R.F.C. 9 TDS Squadron
GARDINER, Fred G., Q.C. Toronto Ont. R.F.C.
GARDINER, Morry C. Toronto Ont. R.N.A.S. 232 Squadron
GARLAND, A.H. Vancouver B.C. R.N.A.S. 46 Squadron
GARRATT, Phil.C. Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 70 Squadron
GAYLARD, George E. Hamilton Ont. R.F.C.
GIBBARD, W.C. Calgary Alta. R.F.C. 21 Squadron
GIBSON, C.B. Willowdale Ont. R.F.C. 25 Squadron
GILBERT, Fred C. Weston Ont. R.F.C. 5 Squadron
GILBERT, Dr. H.H. Burlington Ont. R.F.C. 213 Squadron
GILMOUR, Lionel C. Bellevue WA USA R.F.C. 208 Squadron
GIRVIN, Dr. P. Sarnia Ont.
GLENNY, Wilton R. Pottsville PE USA R.N.A.S. 2 Wing
GOBY, A. Avon Lea Sask. R.F.C. 41 Squadron
GODFREY, A. Earl, A/V/M Gananoque Ont. R.F.C. 40 Squadron 14
GOODE, Clarence S. Victoria B.C. R.F.C. 1 & 73 Squadron
GOODFELLOW,.S.J. Regina Sask. R.F.C. 215 Squadron
GOWER, J. L. Vancouver B.C. R.F.C. 70 Squadron
GRAHAM, Stuart Port Charlotte FL USA R.N.A.S. 237 Squadron
GRANGE, E.R. Toronto Ont. R.N.A.S. 8 Squadron 5
GRAY, James Victoria B.C. R.F.C. 27 Squadron
GRIFFITH, E.T. Stratford Ont. R.F.C.
GRIFFITH, Hugh B. Don Mills Ont. R.F.C. 20,11,48 Sqadron 5
GRIFFITHS, Fred J. Toronto Ont.
GUEST, R.Carter Vancouver B.C. R.F.C.
GUTHRIE, Kenneth M., A/V/M. Edmonton Alta. R.A.F. 240 Squadron
GUYMER, J.A. London Ont. R.F.C. 52 Squadron
HALDIMAND, Percy R. Lachute Que. R.F.C. 149 Squadron
HALL, C. Roy Hamilton Ont. R.F.C. 85 Squadron
HALL, W. Edward Foxwarren Man. R.F.C. 62 Squadron
HAMILTON, Adam J. London Ont. R.F.C. 154 & 236 Squadron
HAMILTON, F.C. Toronto Ont. R.N.A.S. Grand Fleet
HAMILTON, P.D.P. Don Mills Ont. R.F.C. 79 Squadron
HAMILTON, Russell G. Ottawa Ont. R.F.C. 1 Squadron
HAMPTON, Percy R. Palgrave Ont. R.F.C. 62 Squadron
HANKINSON, B.H. Merlin Ont. R.F.C. 44 Wing
HANNA, Tom J. Toronto Ont. R.F.C.
HARDING, Dave A. Sarnia Ont. R.F.C. 145 Squadron
HARDY, A.C. Oakville Ont. R.F.C. 15 Squadron
HARRIS, Ormond S. Vancouver B.C. R.F.C. 22 Squadron
HASLAM, C.G. Manchestser MI USA R.F.C.
HAULTAIN, F.A.Norman St. Catherines Ont. R.F.C. 42 Squadron
HAWKES, R.C. Vancouver B.C. R.F.C. 90 Squadron
HAWKINS, Vic.S.G. Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 201 Squadron
HAYWOOD, A.P. Toronto Ont. R.N.A.S. 1 Squadron
HEAKES, F.V., A/V/M. Vancouver B.C. R.N.A.S. 24 Squadron
HEALY, M.C. Vancouver B.C. R.F.C. 58 Squadron
HELLIWELL, Dr. M.R. Kincardine Ont. R.F.C. 21 Squadron
HENDERSHOT, W.F. Harrow Ont. R.F.C. 19 Squadron
HENDERSON, H.R. Woodstock Ont. R.F.C.
HENDERSON, W.R.S. Calgary Alta. R.N.A.S. Taranto
HENDERSON, William R. Kingsville Ont. R.F.C. 103 Squadron
HENSTRIDGE, E.W.Guy Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 43 Squadron
HERVEY, G.E. Pointe Claire Que. R.N.A.S. 208 & 209 Squardron
HERVEY, V.H. Montreal Que. R.N.A.S. 56 Squadron
HEWSON, George C.V. Toronto Ont. R.N.A.S. 5 Squadron
HILBORN, Clarence L. West Vancouver B.C. R.F.C. 59 Squadron
HILL, Roy, Stratford Ont. R.F.C. 46 Squadron
HINCE, Harry A. Don Mills Ont. R.N.A.S. C. F.S.
HOBSON, David L. Springfield VA USA R.F.C. 100 Squadron
HODDER, Philip M. Victoria B.C. R.F.C. 34 Squadron
HODGETT, George Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 80 Squadron
HODGSON, George H. Montreal Que. R.N.A.S. Felixstowe
HODGSON, W.M. Montreal Que. R.F.C. 36 Squadron
HOGG, W. K. Montreal Que. R.F.C.
HOLLAND, W.E. Victoria B.C. R.A.F. 208 Squadron
HOLLEY, T. Gilford Calgary Alta. R.F.C. 23 Squadron
HOLLICK-KENYON, H. Vancouver B.C. R.F.C.
HOLMAN, R.H. Winnipeg Man. R.F.C. 212 Squadron
HOLMS, C.J.H. Victoria B.C. R.F.C.
HOLTBY, Norman G. Toronto Ont. R.F.C. Ternhill
HOPEWELL, Doug. C. Toronto Ont. R.N.A.S. 8 Squadron
HOPKINS, Beamer W,Q.C. Hamilton Ont. R.F.C. 226 Squadron
HOPKINS, J.R. Victoria B.C. R.F.C. 4 & 21 Squadron
HOPPER, Reg. W. Toronto Ont. R.F.C. 210 Squadron
HORTON, Norman E. Victoria B.C. R.F.C.
HOSKINS, Dr. Douglas V. Newmarket Ont. R.F.C. 12 Squadron
HOTH, Herman Los Gatos CA USA R.F.C. 232 Squadron
HOUGH, W.J. Sudbury Ont. R.F.C.
HOUNSOM, A.E.(Bert) Toronto Ont. R.N.A.S. North Sea 13
HOWE, Gordon P. Thornhill Ont. R.F.C. 65 Squadron
HOWSAM, Geo.R., A/V/M. Victoria B.C. R.F.C. 70 & 43 Squadron
HOWSE, C.A. Vancouver B.C. R.F.C. 79 Squadron
HULL, Alan H. Vancouver B.C. R.N.A.S.
HUNT, Jas.S. Coral Spring FL USA R.N.A.S. 84 Squadron
HUTCHESON, W.B. Mississauga Ont. R.F.C. 57 Squadron
HUXTABLE, W.E. Victoria B.C. R.F.C. 41 & 84 Squadron
HYETT, Clifford H. Detroit MI USA R.F.C. 4 Squadron
ILLSLEY, H.Peter Westmount Que. R.F.C. 52 Squadron
IRELAND, Harold M. Dundas Ont. R.N.A.S. 1,3,211 Squadron
IRVINE, Robert T. Thornhill Ont. R.F.C. 16 Squadron
IRVING, Chas E. Wadena Sask. R.F.C. 253,272, Squadron
JACCACI, A.T. Wallingford VE USA R.F.C. 20 Squadron
JACKSON, Harold New York NY USA R.F.C. 16 Squadron
JACKSON, Dr.J.A. Dunnville Ont. R.F.C. 84 Squadron
JACKSON, J.E.(Ted) Port Perry Ont. R.N.A.S. 28 Squadron

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  1. Thanks for pointing out Raymond Collishaw. I had never heard of him. Seems like he should get more recognition, especially here on the Island!

    • You need to read the book “Black Flight” by Roger Gunn, it will give you all the information you need on him. My grandfather was a very good friend of his in WW1. As well, his name is missing from your list, Capt JLA Sinclair, check out the imperial war museum. My grandfather’s picture is in there as well, however, named incorrectly. I got a copy of the pictures from the Canadian archives and low and behold, it was my grandfather’s picture of them on the Niobe goving over to England. My grandfather was at some of the reunions. I have seen some pictures, I will have to look closely. My grandfather died in 1965.

      • Hi Ann,

        Thanks for your comments and the link to the great photograph of your grandfather. I’ve only published part 1 of the list and haven’t included surnames that begin with “S” yet. However it’s not meant to be a comprehensive list of every Canadian flyer, just those that were still members of the association as of March 1970. I double-checked the list and your grandfather’s name doesn’t appear due to his death in 1965. Thanks again for taking the time to leave a comment. Cheers, Steve.

    • In regards to Victories McCaffrey credits Collishaw with 70 although Collishaw himself claims 81. McCaffrey and others are adamant that he would have been credited with more had he flown with the RFC.

      • No, we do not want Paul Gross involved. I’m still not over his version of “Passchendaele”. The German-Canadian thread was intriguing but the “encounter” with the nurse at the front and the ridiculous crucifixion scene were pathetic attempts to bring Hollywood to the Western Front. As if the FWW didn’t have enough drama.

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