B W Robertson – Nov. 25, 1916

A letter written to “Min” from Godalming on Nov. 25, 1916. Min is likely his younger sister Mary.


“November 25, 1916
#743179 58th Howitzer Battery, CFA
c/o Army Post Office
London England

Dear Min,

Your fudge came this afternoon. It was great. In good condition to. Not a bit hard. Your letter came with it. Also Ru’s and Mothers.

As you know I am in the 58th Howitzer Battery now as a gunner. This morning I had my first ride. It was out exercising the horses so everybody goes bareback. It is a great sight to see a hundred or two hundred horses out this way. One man takes two horses. He rides one and leads the other. As you know how much riding I ever did you can imagine what I went through. It was all right when they were walking but when on the canter or gallop I was lost. I had all I could do to hang on let alone lead the other horse. I rode about four miles in this manner and never fell off. When they knew they were on their way home you ought to have seen me. Lord knows how I ever stuck. Not a thing to hang onto. Well the result of my first ride was two beautiful big blisters. They were not on my hands either.

I will soon get used to it though. Soon get blister proof. I like it much better than the infantry.

I will try and get a little souvenir off today. It is my stripes with the 115th badges pinned onto them. The customs will build them up and it will cost you a little, but they are worth it.

I wrote to A.C. some time ago. I may have been a little too flipant. I’ll remember what you say. I wrote to Beah the other day. She seems pretty well placed doesn’t she. Send some more fudge to my new address. Be sure to write my name. My number won’t get me now. Love to all.


View his original letters and family tree info on Flickr

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