Digitized Canadian Trench Newspapers: Part 2 of 3

One of eight digitized issues of "N.Y.D." published by No. 1, 2 & 3 Canadian Field Ambulance. Source: Library & Archives Canada

One of eight digitized issues of “N.Y.D.” published by No. 1, 2 & 3 Canadian Field Ambulance. Source: Library & Archives Canada

This is the second of my three articles on digitized Canadian Trench newspapers. Part 1 featured newspapers or journals published by numbered infantry and artillery units while this article provides links (below) to trench newspapers issued by Canadian Medical units including Field Ambulances, Casualty Clearing Stations and Hospitals. Part 3 will highlight publications from a variety of unnumbered units including the Army Service Corps, Artillery, Camps, Headquarter units and more.

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) is my ‘go-to’ resource due to their large collection and the fact that you can download PDFs of each issue. The British Library (BL) is another helpful resource and I’ve provided links to their collection when a digitized issue was unavailable at LAC.

One of 34 digitized issues of “Stand Easy” published by No. 15 Canadian General Hospital. Source: Library & Archives Canada

There are other resources too, such as Early Canadiana Online and the Canadian War Museum (CWM), although as far as I know they do not include digitized issues that are not already available at LAC. The CWM Military History Research Centre compiled a list of Trench Newspapers of the First World War which can be viewed in person and in some cases photocopied for a fee.

If you find a broken link or if you know of other resources for digitized Canadian trench newspapers please contact me or leave a comment below and I will update my list accordingly. Thanks in advance.

Unit Publication Name Resource
No. 1 Cdn Field Ambulance The Iodine Chronicle LAC:(8) No. 1 to No. 6, No. 15, No. 16
No. 2 Cdn Field Ambulance The Splint Record LAC:(2) Souvenir Number (Dec 1915), Second Number (Jan 1916)
No. 3 Cdn Field Ambulance Now and Then LAC:(1) No. 1 (Dec 1915)
No. 1, 2 & 3 Cdn Field Ambulance N.Y.D. LAC:(8) No. 1 (May 1916) to No. 8 (Xmas 1917)
No. 13 Cdn Field Ambulance The Sling BL:(2) No. 1 (Jan 1917) to No. 2 (Oct 1917)
No. 3 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station CCS Review LAC:(2) No. 1 (Jan 1917) to No. 2 (Mar 1917)
No. 4 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station Clearings LAC:(1) No. 1 (Dec 1917)
No. 3 Canadian General Hospital, McGill University The McGilliken LAC:(1) No. 14 (Feb 191?)
No. 5 Canadian General Hospital The Blister/Convoy Call LAC:(4) No. 1 (June 1916) to No. 4 (Xmas 1916)
No. 8 Canadian General Hospital, Saint-Cloud Souvenir Programme LAC:(1) Souvenir Programme (Feb 18 1917)
No. 15 Canadian General Hospital Stand Easy. Chronicles of Clivedon LAC:(34) No. 1 (June 1917) to No. 34 (Oct 1918)
Canadian Army Medical Corps Bulletin of the Canadian Army Medical Corps LAC:(7) No. 1 (Mar 1918) to No. 7 (Nov 1918)
Massey-Harris Convalescent Home Bulletin LAC:(18) No. 1 to 4 and No. 6 to 19
Canadian Convalescent Hospital, Bear Wood, Wokingham Canadian Convalescent Hospital, Bear Wood, Wokingham LAC:(1) 1915-1918
Granville Cdn Special Hospital, Buxton Canadian Hospital News LAC:(93) Vol 1. No. 1 (Mar 1916) to Vol. 10 No. 5 (Oct 1918)
Princess Patricia’s Canadian Red Cross Hospital Princess Pat’s Post LAC:(7) No. 1 (May 1918) to No. 7 (Nov 1918)
Canadian Red Cross Hospital, Buxton The Canadian Red Cross Special LAC:(14) No. 1 (Aug 19 1916), No.3, No. 4, No. 6 to No. 16 (Dec 2 1916)
Ontario Military Hospital, Orpington The Ontario Stretcher LAC:(6) No. 1 (Jun 1916) to No. 6 (Nov 1916)
General Staff, War Office Medical Supplement to the Daily Review of Foreign Press LAC:(3) Vol. 1. No. 5 (May1918), Vol. 1. No. 6 (Jun 1918), Vol 2. No. 1 (Jan 1919)
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