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Col. Sam Hughes and Officers at Valcartier Camp, August 31 1914

This sweeping panoramic photograph captures a historic moment in Canadian military history. Stretched across the sandy plains of Valcartier Camp are upwards of a thousand officers from militia units across Canada, all of whom hoped to serve in the First Canadian Contingent. The panoramic photograph has been scanned at high-resolution in six sections:

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Please help identify officers in this photograph:

If you think you recognize an officer or his unit please leave a comment below or contact me.

Officers that have been Identified (Updated: Jan. 23/2018):
# Sec. Name Unit Notes
5 1 Brig-General Richard E.W. Turner VC Commander, 3rd Brigade, Canadian Expeditionary Force
6 1 Lt. Owen C.F. Hague 4th Battery, 2nd Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery
14 1 Lt. Alexander T. Paterson 5th Battery, 2nd Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery
20 1 Major Andrew McNaughton 4th Battery, 2nd Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery
28 1 Lt. Alexis Helmer 2nd Battery, 1st Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery
61 1 Lt-Col. William O.H. Dodds Brigade Staff, 1st Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery
69 1 Lt. Lawrence V.M. Cosgrave Brigade Staff, 1st Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery
75 1 Lt-Col. Edward W.B. Morrison Commander 1st Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery
84 1 Maj. Charles H. MacLaren 2nd Battery, 1st Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery
137 2 Lt-Col. Struan G. Robertson 17th Battalion, CEF Tentative
209 2 Capt. (Chaplain) Frederick G. Scott 8th Regiment Royal Rifles
261 3 Col. Victor A.S. Williams Camp Commandant
263 3 Col. Sam Hughes Minister of Militia and Defence
275 3 Lt-Col. Malcom S. Mercer The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada
293 3 Lt-Col. David Watson 8th Royal Rifles Tentative
300 4 Capt. John Geddes 79th Cameron Highlanders of Canada KIA 22 April 1915 / 16th Battalion
357 5 Lt-Col. Bartholomew Robson 26th Middlesex Light Infantry
397 6 Lt-Col. Archibald C Macdonell Lord Strathcona’s Horse
404 6 Lt-Col. Donald M Grant 35th Reg., The Grey & Simcoe Foresters Tentative
409 6 Lt-Col. Henri A. Panet Royal Canadian Horse Artillery Brigade Brigade mobilized Aug. 26, 1914
412 6 Major Allan A Magee Canadian Officers’ Training Corp Tentative: att’d 11/15 but may have been at camp

4 replies

    • Hi Ian,

      Thanks for your comment. Are you referring to the information in the spreadsheet located here?:

      I ask because it was based on the provisional formation as described in Valcartier Camp Order No. 241 and documented in Appendix 85 of “The Canadian Forces in the Great War 1914-1919” (located here:

      You’re absolutely correct that after the 1st Canadian Contingent was reorganized the 13th (and the 14th, 15th and 16th) formed the 3rd Brigade. However my spreadsheet is intended to show the configuration on Aug. 31, 1914 (before the reorganization). Please let me know if the reference to the 4th Brigade is on a different page.

      Thanks again for providing your feedback, it’s much appreciated.


    • Hi Adam,

      That’s great! I’ll be sure to add LCol Rennie to the list of identified officers in my next Valcartier update. Thanks as well for your comments on my Valcartier page, one of which was posted just before Christmas and which I missed completely.


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