Bristol & The War – Apr 17, 1915 & Nov 1, 1915

Officers of 3/4 Batt Gloucester Regt from Nov. 1, 1915 issue of Bristol & The War

Officers of the 3/4th Battalion Gloucester Regiment from the Nov. 1st 1915 issue of Bristol & The War

It’s been quite some time since I posted a digitized copy of Bristol & The War and so I’ve uploaded two complete issues to Flickr: Vol. I No. 14 April 17th 1915 and Vol. II No. 21 Nov 1st 1915.

The April issue includes articles on The Black Watch, the Bristol Territorials and the Bristol Heavy Battery. The November issue, 20 pages in length, includes articles on the Bristol Cadet Corps., 3/4th and 3/6th Battalions Gloucester Regiment, Bristol Volunteer Regiment and a long Roll of Honour. Surprisingly the April issue contains no mention of individual soldiers however the Nov. 1st issue more than makes up for this. I’ve listed the soldier’s names below, broken out by article, in the hopes that researchers will find these men when querying the search engines.

Officers of 3/4th Batt. Gloucester Regiment

2nd-Lt. W.H. Simmonds, 2nd-Lt. J Pooley, 2nd-Lt. G. A. Turner, 2nd-Lt. R. Lowe, 2nd-Lt. A.W. Haywood, Lt. F.W. Ward, Lt. and Qr.Master F. Cook, Lt. R.B. Mansell, 2nd-Lt. C.T. Thomas, Lt. A.J. Gardner, Lt. H.G. Baker, Lt. C.T.H. Harrison, Lt. G.T. Plum, 2nd-Lt. A.C. Stevenson, 2nd-Lt. E.L. Reed, Capt. D. Veale, 2nd-Lt. R. Bird, Capt. J. Knight-Adkin, Capt. T.N. Whitwill, Col. J.B. Butler, Lt. and Adjutant H. Rummins, Capt. H.E. Tee.

Merchant Venturers’ Cadet Corps.

Maj. J. Wertheimer, Capt. and Adjutant A. Pickering, Lt. F.J. Rahtz, Sgt-Major W. Sussex, Sgt. H.W.N. Ludwell, Sgt. E.B. Eedle, Sgt. G.L. Sledge, Sgt. A.J.W. Olds, Sgt. K.A. Taylor, L-Cpl. J.I. Hamilton, L-Cpl. E.A.R. Seddon, L-Cpl. W.A. Hunnaford, L-Cpl. P.J. Maddrick, L-Cpl. C.E. Harvey, L-Cpl F.W.J. Benwell, L-Cpl F.W. Whitchurch.

Fairfield Cadet Corps.

Capt. A. Smith, Lt. W.E. Madkins, Sgt-Major H.H. Hiatt, Sgt. Pockson, Sgt. Weir, Sgt. Thomas, Cpl Pratt, Cpl Hooper, Cpl Wood, L-Cpl Bennett, L-Cpl Bunce, L-Cpl Slight, L-Cpl Champion, L-Cpl Hayter. Also mentioned in article: Capt. H.G. Hughes, Lt-Col. Woodcock

Merrywood Cadet Corps.

Cadet Capt. W.T. Crank, Cadet Lt. M.S. Lyons, Sgt. M.H. Hayward, Sgt. E.T. Clothier, L-Cpl W. Read, L-Cpl S. Thomson

Roll of Honour

Pte. Albert Bennett, Pte B. Smart, 2nd-Lt. Percy V. Neems, Pte. Thomas William Rudge, Pte. Joseph Caines, Pte. Vernon Lawrence Palmer, Pte. Frank Price, Pte. George Herbert Millis, Pte. Frank Herbert Diamond, L-Cpl Albert Edward Brain, Pte. Arthur W. Dring, Sgt. J.B. Gore, Lt-Commander Edgar Christopher Cookson R.N. D.S.O., 2nd-Lt. W.B. Stanfield, Pte. Charles Davis, Pte. Samuel Goodhind, 2nd-Lt. Claude Gladstone Robinson

Bristol Territorial Casualties

Pte. R.W. Lewis, Lt. W. Fream, Sgt-Major W.P. Oldridge, Pte. W. Thorne, Pte. J.W. Rogers, Pte. J. Tuffney, Pte. C. Webber, Pte. L.H.V. Loram, Pte. A.E. Cottell, Pte. J.E. Collier, Pte. W. Lancastle, Gnr. A.E. Clements, Dvr. J. Whittaker, Pte. N. Hindley, Gnr. D. Barnett, Dvr. J.H. Lowe, Lt. T.H. Moore, QM-Sgt. A.F. Brown, L-Cpl. W.G. Rodway, Pte. L. Yeoman, L-Cpl F.B. Parsons, Pte. W. Sydenham, Pte. H. Collorick

Other Names mentioned in this issue

Lt-Col. Paul Bush, Lt-Col. Blatchford, Lt. Col. Burke, Cpl. Bertram H.A. Apsey, Pte. William F.S. Clements, L-Cpl. Harold Byrd, Major-Gen. William R. Birdwood, Major-Gen. Sir Charles Munro, Dvr. C. Price, Lt. Geoffrey Wathen Robinson, Pte. D. Graydon, Tpr. Thomas Norman Hunt, Musician F.M. Trott

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