Update: The First Canadian Contingent on Salisbury Plain

Church Street, Amesbury

Postcard provided by Thomas’s grandson Jim showing identical building on the right


Canadian troops on the march through Amesbury

Last month I featured a postcard of Canadian soldiers marching through the streets of Amesbury. The photograph was taken by Thomas Lionel Fuller and I surmised that it was taken in Countess Road. However Thomas’s grandson Jim Fuller contacted me recently and although he had not seen this photo before he was able to pinpoint exactly where it was taken. The photo was shot in Church Street, near the intersection with Salisbury Street and High Street. He provided the postcard above and the building on the right is clearly the same one pictured in the postcard to the right. The troops may have been marching to the railway station on the London Road or simply on a route march.

Unfortunately this building is no more however the bank opposite is still intact as is clearly shown by this Google Streetview.

Many thanks to Jim for sharing his local knowledge with me.

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