Stand Easy at Victoria, Mobilize!

On Sunday afternoon I spent several very enjoyable hours under hot sunny skies at Victoria, Mobilize! This two-day event was organized by VEMRA (Victoria-Esquimalt Military Reenactors Association) in partnership with Parks Canada at Fort Rodd Hill. It proved to be a perfect setting in which to rekindle the atmosphere of Edwardian Victoria in those final heady days of August 1914.

The tented camp and the dozens of soldiers, nurses and citizens in period dress were wonderful to see and the soundtrack, provided by a lone Piper and two Regimental Bands, drifted effortlessly upon the hot summer air. An open-air tent was the venue for a series of talks on a variety of subjects including a very enjoyable presentation on the Bantam Battalions by Sidney Allinson (author of The Bantams). Another popular event was a weapons demonstration by Parks Canada staff that featured a Webley Revolver, a Ross Rifle and a Short Magazine Lee-Enfield Ross Rifle.

A lot of hard work went into organizing Victoria, Mobilize! so hats off to everyone at VEMRA and Parks Canada for staging such a wonderful event. For those of you didn’t have an opportunity to visit in person I’ve included a selection of images below.

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