100 Years Ago Today: Mobilisation of the Croydon Territorials


Croydon Territorials march up North End street on August 5, 1914

These were the scenes on Croydon’s North End street exactly 100 years ago today. The detail in this First World War real photo postcard is exceptional and The Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment) cap badges are clearly visible on the soldier’s field caps. Some of these soldiers would spend the entire war in India while others became part of the 160th Brigade, 53rd Division and saw action in Gallipoli and Palestine.

A complete digitized copy of the 1920 publication Croydon and the Great War is available online via OpenLibrary.org.

Updated 12 Aug 2014:

The back of the postcard mailed to Canada on Aug. 6, 1914

The back of the postcard mailed to Canada on Aug. 6, 1914

When I re-read the back of this postcard I thought it would be of interest and so I’ve included this scan. Remarkably the card was mailed to Kindersley, Saskatchewan on August 6th, the day after the photograph was taken. The inscription speaks of stirring times and hopes that it will all be over soon:

I thought you would like this card of our Territorials going off. Do you see Wilson’s tea place? We are living in most stirring times, lets hope it will soon be all over. Such a lot of men from here have gone. We have not had your letter this week yet. We sent off your dress yesterday hope it arrives safely. All Love From Gypsy.

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