A MacNaughton – May 8, 1915

A postcard written to his family on May 8, 1915 from the Shorncliffe Barracks near Folkestone, Kent.

A Canadian Training Camp was established at Shorncliffe in the spring of 1915.  This camp wasn’t an option for the 1st Canadian Contingent who had to endure the horrible conditions on Salisbury Plain. The winter of 1914/15 was one of the wettest on record and 58 Canadian soldiers died and are buried in local churchyards.  The Canadian government worked with the British War Office to ensure Shorncliffe was in operation before the 2nd Canadian Division arrived.

The NFB “Images of a Forgotten War” website features a short video clip of the camp in 1917.


“May 8/15

This is the Barracks in which we are now staying. The weather is very warm. All are well and having a great time. Alex.”

View his original letters on Flickr

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