A MacNaughton – Apr. 3, 1915

A letter written to his mother from  Shorncliffe Barracks on April 3, 1915.


“Shorncliffe April 3

Dear Mother

As I have not to do today I think I will send you a few words to let you know that we are still living and having a fine time. The weather is lovely and warm just like middle of summer. We are out riding every day we have horses belonging to the first Contingent and they put us through some funny thing. We got a Holiday yesterday, Good Friday, it was a lovely day we laid in the sun all the morning and had a game of Baseball in the afternoon. We played the 24th Battery and — them the score though rather large does not say that it was a bad game and as it was the first game of the season it was very good. Score 11. 13. in favour of 23. I caught for 23, we play the 30th Battalion Monday. Some of the boys get the Fredericton Gleaner and there is a lot of news in it, also some news concerning us. A large number of the 23 Battery belong there and they send a lot of news home that I forget so I think you better send for it for a year or so. Take some of my money and —- you will have lots to read. I saw in it where some more Antigonish Boys joined. Did you get the $20.00 last month if not let me know. How is every thing going on down there. I suppose there is nothing new. Did they start playing ball there yet. We had our Pictures taken the other day and I think they are going to be good don’t know if I can afford one or not. I am —- — and I think I weigh more than I ever did before, they feed us very good. I guess I will close now but I will write soon again. Hoping you are all well. Remember me to all . Time is going very fast and are here a month tonight.


View his original letters on Flickr

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