A MacNaughton – May 17, 1915

A letter written to his mother from the Shorncliffe Barracks on May 17, 1915.


“Dear Mother

Just a line to let you know that we are all well and still having a very fine time, the weather is lovely, not too warm in the day time and not too cold at night. There is not much of any thing going on at all, we dont do much hard training lately, and we have a good amount of time to ourselves. We just played ball Sat afternoon with the 3rd Battery and won 4-1 it was the best game I ever saw and we had to work to get our 4 runs. I had a letter from Henry the other day, he did not have much to say. We were in the hospital for ten days, on account of two of the Boys taking the measles, we had a fine time there did not have a thing to do only to sleep, we are out not —- a week, none of us took them.  We shifted from Morris Barracks over to Ross, which are handie to our stables, and more convenient in every way, there is iron beds in every room so it seems more like home to have a bed to sleep in, we have a new cook in charge now and we get more to eat then we can handle. Bert is still here he is instructing in riding, he gets excited just like he used to at trotters, and he’ll get moving his hands around and talking to himself. I often laugh in his face. How is everything going on in Antigonish it will be a city when we get back, I suppose they got all the Crops in by this time, I sent Margaret a lot of cards that I had in my jacket, I was going to burn them but I thought you would like to have them. I got the papers you sent, am getting a lot of American papers from Duncan Grant. I think I will have to come to a close for now as news is hard to get, all the boys are well and having the time of their life, Alex MacPherson has gone to the Front with Tom Carter will write soon again

85763 Alex, 2nd Battery, Canadian Reserve Brigade, Royal Field Artillery, Shorncliffe, Ross Barracks”

View his original letters on Flickr

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