A MacNaughton – Autumn 1918

A typewritten letter, possibly unfinished, written to a friend back home named Henry describing how he was wounded on September 4, 1918. It was likely written while convalescing in England.


Dear Henry:-

Just a few lines to say that everything is going along in the same old way. I am still able to kick, but hope to be able to kick a little higher before long. I started to write you several times, but something always came up, and I had to put it off, but as I have a fairly good chance now, I will drop you a few lines for old times sake.

Well Henry, I got mine at last after ducking the Hun for three years, he got me in the end, but thank God, the luck was with me, and I am now in England getting on fine.  It was about 7 o’clock in the evening of Sept. 4th. that I was hit on the left side. It caught me not very far from the heart, but somehow turned to the way the shell came from, and the piece glanced to the rear. If I had not have moved it would have got me some where around the heart. I was operated on the following day, and had a nice slice cut out, besides about ten stitches around the ribs. However, they located the piece of shell, and I was d…. glad. The wound is healing fine, and I will be no time coming around. I did not let them know at home how close a shave I had, as I guess they will worry enough, without me giving them details. Believe me I was glad when we struck old England’s shore. It is like Heaven to get away from the steady roar of the guns, and take it from me, I never want to hear them again. It is a d.. sight worse than listening to Fred swearing, or Big Jim singing when he had one of his glorious drunks.

The war no doubt has made a big change in the old town and County as I have an awful lot of boys from home in France. How does Bert like his new job? Would like to get one of them myself. Is Joe still running the Meat Shop or has he died. Have not heard a word from him since 1914. What in H… is the matter with him, also Vesty McNeil and Jack McIssac. They used to write me now and then but have stopped altogether. Is Mary McDonald still doing lawyer’s work for Fred or has she also deserted the firm. Do you ever see Hughie Baxter these times. Give him my regards. Also Joe Chisholm from the Cove. I wonder if he remembers the night I threw him out of the shop. Etc. Etc.

View his original letters on Flickr

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