A MacNaughton – Feb. 16, 1918

A letter written to his mother from the 5th Field Battery’s position near Loos, France on Feb. 16, 1918.

The war diary from Feb. 15 states that “at 10:35am a balloon descended near 5th Battery position filled with French newspapers published under German Supervision. This was one of five to come down in the LOOS area all filled with German propaganda.”



Dear Mother

Just a few lines to say that things are going along in the same old way. I have been quite well all along and getting on fine.

Received your letter of Jan 16 also papers and the parcel of underwear, gauntlets, etc. All in good shape. I might say that all the parcels are in good shape when the arrive. The underwear is just what I wanted also the gauntlets and many thanks for them.

I wish you would thank the Ladies of St. James Knitting club for the socks I have received from them through you as they are very much appreciated by us all, and do not pay any attention to what you hear about getting too many socks as I depend on the ones I get from home.

I hear from Duncan Grant regularly and he writes very interesting letters, he would give anything to run across one of us, he was in the States the last 4 years and joined up with the first lot.

Do you ever hear of Mr D—– at all I have often wondered what became of him and the rest of the family.

I received a very funny letter the other day from Dennis —– it was from the wife of J.H. MacNaughton (D—- son) and believe me it was some letter. I thought someone had died and left me a fortune but I am going to take a day off and answer it, believe me she certainly has a fine line of —- she is a yankee.

I received a pair of socks and cigs from Frank Simpson and wife. I intend writing them but you may see them before I write. Well I guess this is all for now will write soon again thanking you again for underwear, socks and etc. Best regards to all.


View his original letters on Flickr

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