Update #2: Valcartier 1914

This week I’ve added an Officer Photo Gallery that is intended to help those participating in the Valcartier Crowdsourcing Project. The gallery contains photos of officers who were likely present at Valcartier on August 31, 1914. Many of these photographs, including the one featured above, were kindly brought to my attention by readers.

Could this be Lt-Col. David Watson of the 8th Royal Rifles?

Could this be Lt-Col. David Watson of the 8th Royal Rifles?

I’ve also had another reader tentatively identify Lt-Col. David Watson, later Major General Sir David Watson, as officer #293 in section 3 of the panoramic photograph. Watson was in charge of the 8th Royal Rifles in August 1914 and was soon to be given command of the 2nd Battalion CEF. In 1916 he took over the 4th Canadian Division, a position he held for the remainder of the war.

If you have information that could help identify these men please leave a comment below or contact me.

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