10th Regiment “Royal Grenadiers” at Valcartier Camp

10th Regiment, Royal Grenadiers at Valcartier Camp 1914. Source: Nancy Frey.

Frederick Charles Rodgman at Valcartier Camp.
Source: Nancy Frey.

This wonderful image was one of a handful provided to me by Nancy Frey, granddaughter of Frederick Charles Rodgman. Frederick was born in Bideford, England and emigrated to Canada prior to the war where he joined the 10th Regiment “Royal Grenadiers”, a Toronto-based militia unit whose origins date back to 1861. Militia records indicate he attended the summer training camp at Petawawa in both 1913 and 1914 and prior to leaving England he served for several months with the Royal Engineers.

I will be posting two additional articles with photos of Frederick with the 3rd Battalion CEF and the Leicestershire Regiment. While those photos were taken in England I believe the two featured here were taken at Valcartier Camp, likely shortly after their arrival. From the data I compiled while researching my Valcartier Panoramic photograph I know that 15 officers and 386 men from the 10th Regiment “Royal Grenadiers” departed Toronto, the first group on August 21 or 22nd and the second on August 29, 1914.

Should you have any additional information on the 10th Regiment “Royal Grenadiers” at Valcartier or have any other comments please take a moment to leave one below or contact me. Nancy Frey is actively tracing her family history and would be happy to collaborate with anyone with similar interests. If you’d like to please contact me and I will put you in touch.

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