Reunited: 1915 Sgt. Diplock postcard goes home (again)

Sgt. Thomas Diplock, 7th (1st British Columbia) Battalion CEF

Sgt. Thomas Diplock, 7th (1st British Columbia) Battalion CEF

In December I published an article on a 1915 Christmas card written by Sgt. Thomas Diplock to his future wife Gwen while he was a Prisoner of War in Giessen, Germany. Thomas was in the 7th (1st British Columbia) Battalion and was captured on April 24, 1915 at the Second Battle of Ypres. He spent nearly three years at Giessen before being transferred to neutral Holland in late March 1918 where he spent the remainder of the war.

Last month I was contacted by Sharon Gerbasi, one of Thomas’s seven grandchildren, and I’m very happy to report that Thomas’s Christmas card has been reunited with his family.

Sharon very kindly provided me with these photographs as well as information on Thomas’s post-war career with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, in particular his work with the Soldier Settlement Board. Thomas’s work eventually required the family to relocate to Edmonton but Gwen and Thomas returned to North Vancouver when he retired after 38 years of service.

I’d like to extend a special thank you to Sharon and her cousins for allowing me to share these photos and this new information with you.

Thomas and Gwen (nee Dove) Diplock

Thomas and Gwen (nee Dove) Diplock

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3 replies

  1. This is so cool!!. This was my great grandfather, I also have a copy of a book about his time in the war and growing up in Vancouver. I’ve lost touch with most of my relatives on that side of the family but my sister came accross this and passed it on. Thank-you for your research and taking the time to post this

  2. Thanks for posting this story. This is my great grandfather, I’ve lost touch with most of my family on that side but my sister came accross this. I have few memories of him but he did write a book about the war and growing up in Vancouver. Thanks again.

    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks very much for getting in touch. I’m pleased that you enjoyed the article and even more so if it leads to you reconnecting with some members of your family! I’ve recently had the privilege of reading your great-grandfather’s book and it is wonderful. His stories would be of interest to many others. I know that it gave me a better idea of what my great-grandfather Herbert may have experienced in the Giessen POW camp.

      Thanks again,

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