Officer Photo Gallery

This gallery contains photographs of officers who may have been present at Valcartier Camp on August 31, 1914 and is intended to help those participating in the  Valcartier Crowdsourcing Project. Many of these images were brought to my attention by readers so if you have photographs or can provide links to sources that do please contact me. While period photographs are preferred the only pre-requisite is that the individual was an officer and likely at Valcartier at the end of August 1914.

The officers appear in alphabetical order. Click on an image to view a slideshow that includes links to the source document or website. In addition to the photo gallery I’ve provided links to websites featuring photographs of other officers. They are currently not included in the photo gallery as I’m unsure of the restrictions on their usage:

I’d like to thank the following individuals for their help in compiling this information: Matthew Barrett, Lotus Johnson, Bruce MacDonald and Hamilton Slessor.

Officer Photo Gallery: