Update: Canadian Massed Regimental Bands

Canadian Massed Bands, Lord Mayor's Show, Nov. 9, 1916

From a soldier’s scrapbook … a rather handy clue.

In the summer I wrote about an impressive framed photograph that I found in a local shop. I had presumed the photograph had been taken in Canada but this was not the case at all.

The smoking gun was already in my collection (note: the archivist has been sacked) and it is in the form of a postcard showing the same photograph but with a helpful caption provided by a convalescing Canadian soldier. An article from The Times on November 10, 1916 provides a clue as to why he may have had this postcard:

“The route was lined with spectators, but there were far fewer civilians in the windows than hitherto, for most of the vantage points were given over to wounded soldiers, who was likely a guest at the Lord Mayor’s Show.”

The Lord Mayor’s Show took place on November 9th 1916 and the massed bands received much praise from the journalist in the same Times newspaper article:

“Perhaps one of the most impressive units of the procession followed the Newfoundlanders, the massed bands of the Canadian troops, more than a hundred strong. They played particularly well, and marched most of the way to the tune of ‘The Maple Leaf Forever’.”

The photograph was taken by Folkestone photographer J. Weston and presumably at a location in or near the town. I’ve not seen photographs of Shorncliffe Camp featuring the buildings in the background but I would be interested in hearing from anyone who can provide more information on the exact location.

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  1. Googling the phrase ‘Lord Mayor’s Show 1916’ produces numerous links to a 2 minute silent video of portions of that 1916 parade. No sign of Cdn. troops in the clips.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I had seen a 1-minute clip shot from a different angle but not the 2-minute clip I just watched. I saw some ANZAC troops and some bagpipes but as you say no sign of the massed Canadian band. Thanks again, Steve.

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