The Mysterious Uncle Mat is Mysterious No More

Private Matthew Lynn (1895-1917) in centre of photo with Private Sam Cree on his left

Private Matthew Lynn (1895-1917) in centre of photo with Private Sam Cree on his left

My photo of "Uncle Mat"

My photo of “Uncle Mat”

Just over a year ago I published a series of three articles in an attempt to identify a young soldier from the 148th Battalion. On the back of the postcard was written “Uncle Mat” and from this I was able to narrow down the search to two soldiers: Matthew Lynn and Matthew Liddell. While researching Matthew Liddell I found a 1927 photo of him and the resemblance was such that I felt he was likely our man … that is until last week when Susan Ostergaard and her brother Lynn contacted me about their Great-Uncle Mat.

After much discussion and a close comparison of my photograph with three photos they provided we all agreed that Uncle Mat is indeed Matthew Lynn. Susan and Lynn also provided more information on Matthew’s early life. He was one of 14 children and came to Canada from Scotland in 1913 to join his brother William and his family in Beloiel, Quebec where he worked in the Nobel (later C.I.L.) Explosives plant.

Matthew joined the 148th Battalion on April 12, 1916 but was transferred to the 14th Battalion shortly after arriving in England. He was attached to the 2nd Tunnelling Company when he tragically died of suffocation in a mine near Mount Sorrel on February 15, 1917. (find out more in: The Mysterious Uncle Mat – Part 2).

Thank you to Susan and Lynn for sharing their photographs and for helping solve this mystery. Rest in Peace Matthew Lynn.

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    • Hi David,

      You’re very welcome! It’s great to hear you’ve connected with an ancestor you didn’t know you had.

      Thanks for your feedback. It’s much appreciated.

      All the best,

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