Researching Canadian women of the Great War years

Ontario-based author Moushumi Chakrabarty is conducting preliminary research on Canadian women during the Great War years and is looking for diaries, letters, memoirs etc, of Canadian women during that period (1914-1918).

Moushumi is primarily concerned with the lives of ordinary women affected by the War and explains that “there has been a great deal written about the nurses and ambulance drivers from Canada, but I was hoping for more homely accounts of women who were mothers, wives, sisters and sweethearts – women who had to make do with the limited resources at their disposal.”

Do you have information that could help shed light on this overlooked segment of the Canadian population? If so please contact Moushumi Chakrabarty by email.

Moushumi Chakrabarty is the author of two Amazing Stories books, ‘Fighting for women’s rights – The extraordinary adventures of Anna Leonowens‘ and ‘Champions of women’s rights – Leading Canadian women and their battles for social justice’. She has been writing for over two decades with stints as a reporter for a daily newspaper and a travel trade journal. Her writing has been published in anthologies, e-zines, and magazines.

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