Les Musique de la Guerre – a 1915 Illustrated Music Book

sneekpeek“Les Musique de la Guerre” was published by Tolmer & Cie in Paris in November 1915. “The Music of War” is a 28-page book containing seven Hymnes Alliés: “La Marseillaise”, “L’Hymne Russe”, “La Brabançonne”, “L’Hymne de Mameli”, “God Save the King”, “L’Hymne Japonais” and “L’Hymne Serbe”. However what makes this rare publication truly special are the stunning illustrations by Paulet Thèvenaz. Each hymn is prefaced by a pasted-down colour illustration. For a war that we view almost entirely in black & white the vibrancy of these images is truly breathtaking.

This fragile 12-inch x 12-inch hardcover book does not lend itself to scanning on a rectangular flatbed scanner however I have included a gallery of images highlighting the wonderful colour illustrations.

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