Who Goes There? Young British Cadets

Who are these young men in uniform? The detail in this 4″x5.75″ photograph is excellent however I cannot make out the cap badges they are wearing. The photo is mounted on a 6.75″x9″ piece of card that bears the photographer’s stamp: “A.H. Fry 88 East St. Brighton“.

The three officers seated in the middle are surrounded by boy soldiers of all ages. The boys are fully kitted out and have been issued with rifles.

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  1. Try three military schools. Dunblane (scot) Hibernians (ire) Duke of Yorks (dover). Latter is still alive and kicking. I went there.

    • Hi Adrian,

      Thanks very much for your comments. The Duke of Yorks would be the closest location to the photographer’s studio in Brighton. John Duncan (Newbattlewar) also suggested they could be cadets from a Public School and likely affiliated with a local regiment.

      Thanks again for your input.


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