Who Goes There? With My Best Pal

One of my favourite real photo postcards and a wonderful example of the strong friendships forged during the First World War. I have no idea who these soldiers are but perhaps someone will stumble across this photo some day and recognize one of the faces staring back at them.

The only clues I can decipher from the photo is that the seated soldier was in the Army Service Corp, as the cap badge is clearly visible. The Corporal standing behind him is wearing 4 chevrons above his right cuff which I believe signifies four years of active service. There is also a badge above his two stripes and although it is not very clear it might be a signallers badge.  

2 replies

  1. Above the Pocket of the standing gentleman, there is the ribbon for his 1914 Star. The 1914-15 Star were not issued until late 1919-1920 so that picture was probably taken end 1918 – early 1919.

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