Valentine Remembered

Valentine Hitchcock (1874-1946)

Valentine Hitchcock (1874-1946)

Today’s post features a simple tribute to a soldier from the First World War. I’ve been researching Valentine Stewart Hitchcock for well over a year and his story will be featured on my blog over the coming months. Valentine was born in Liverpool and emigrated to Canada in 1890. He spent the rest of his life in Victoria, except for those years spent overseas with the 67th and 54th Battalions CEF. He died in 1946 after a long career with the King’s Printer and is buried in the Colwood Cemetery, now Hatley Park Memorial Gardens.

My girlfriend and I visited the cemetery on Saturday in the hopes of locating Valentine’s grave. The staff at Hatley Park not only helped me find him but also provided me with a large flag to mark his very simple grave. Valentine died childless and I suspect it may have been some time since he had any visitors. I enjoyed my brief visit and look forward to telling you his story.

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