B W Robertson – Oct. 5, 1916

A letter written to his sister Margaret (“Beah”), likely from Bramshott Camp on Oct. 5, 1915.

“October 5 1916
#743179 Machine Gun Section
115th Battalion C.E.F.
c/o Army Post Office
London, England
Dear Beah,

I got both your letters. I still get my Boston Post. I will send any papers I can. I have not heard from Mother for about two weeks. They do about anything they want to with our mail.

I have been pretty busy since I came back from my course in M.Gs. I have got to teach just what I learned. It is different from trying to instruct a class room. Men aren’t quite as gentle as boys and girls.

I got a letter from Murray. He told me about Aunt Via. Where is Walter the adventurer. I pity him if he is with that American Legion.

I went out to “tea” last night to a real “Lady’s” home called “Chasemoor”. After tea I went out to a nearby club and bought something to eat. The English have got great big hearts but very small stomachs. I would give anything now to have a real piece of home-made cake or fudge.

Let me know if you get any cards I sent you.

Love to all,

Sgt. Daw.”

View his original letters and family tree info on Flickr

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