A MacNaughton – Sep. 5, 1915

A letter written to his mother from the 5th Field Battery’s position near Neuve Eglise (Nieuwkerke), Belgium on Sept. 5, 1915.

The 5th Field Battery had been at this position since relieving the 1st South Midland Brigade on June 26.  September 5 was a dull and showery day but a relatively quiet day at this part of the Front.  At 4pm the 5th fired 3 rounds at a building referred to as the “Doll’s House” after two Germans were observed “and they were not seen again”.


“Sept 5

Dear Mother

Received you letter today dated the 15th August and as usual was very glad to get it also a cigar box some time ago containing cigs, socks, and some other things. The shaving cream came in just right it was what I was looking for — a long time. I got a letter from London the other day informing me that a box containing Fudge had arrived there and the contents were all destroyed the box been broken open from what they could find out it came from the dead letter office in Halifax. I felt the loss very much as it was worth a good deal to me and I was waiting patiently for it. I knew it would be so good. Another letter arrived today from Liverpool from The Dom Ex Co informing me that they had forwarded it on to me and will be here tomorrow. I was very glad to find out that it was in good shape even if I did loose the Fudge, it was too bad that it got broken up. If you are going to get me some underwear get the fleece-lined. I will be very glad to get anything like that as it is getting cold, also some tooth paste. I have the same old thing to tell you every letter so you must be getting tired of it. I saw all the boys the other day we have a big bathe house and we bathe and change clothes every week, all the boys look fine and are feeling fine and are all happy. Bob and I are feeling in good cheer and we never looked better. That Col MacLeod that got married in Antigonish from Sydney is in this Brigade  — — Major of the old 17 Battery of Sydney. Well things seem to very slow along here at present time seems to be very little doing. We have built a little house and Bob and a fellow from Fredericton  and myself sleep in it you can picture us when the box comes. Well I must stop off for now hoping you are all well. Remember — and all the boys and thank them for the stuff they sent me,


How is George and Lillian

Tell / — — to write”

View his original letters on Flickr

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  1. My grandfather was an acting Captain in the 5th then and went on in 1917 as a Major to the 23rd. Both he and McNaughton served for 3 years in the same unit and must have known each other well. My grandfather was gassed badly along with many in the battery on Sept 7 1918 and went back to the UK and then back to Canada.

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