A MacNaughton – Oct. 8, 1915

A letter written to his mother from the 5th Field Battery’s position near Kemmel, Belgium on Oct. 8, 1915.

The 5th Field Battery had been at Neuve Eglise since relieving the 1st South Midland Brigade on June 26 however on October 1st sections of the 2nd Brigade (including the 5th Battery) relieved section of the 80th R.F.A. near Kemmel.

On October 8 the 5th, 7th and 8th Batteries directed fire on enemy trenches in support of the 25th Battalion who sent out an SOS just before 6pm.  Later that evening these Batteries were relieved and “marched independently to Neuve Eglise”.


“Oct 8

Dear Mother

As it is some time since I wrote you a line I think I will scribble a couple of pages so as to let you know I am still alive and enjoying life. I have not been sick a day since leaving England last May and I think I am heavier than ever I was. We are used very good out here.  Our officers are fine and we get lots to eat. Bob Young is still with me and we sleep together in a little hut. I don’t see much use in me writing to you as I cannot tell you anything new. It seems to be the same old thing over again. —- if was in England – — France where I could give the news I could tell you a few things that would interest you. I recd a letter from Mrs. Kirk the other day and will answer it the first chance I get. The —- you sent were fine and if you can get any others I would be glad to get them. How is all the kids. I suppose you are starting to rig them out for the winter. Did G— start to school yet? If you get any papers with the World Series Base Ball I wish you would send them to me. Well I have a few — to write and have to stop now.


View his original letters on Flickr

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