H K Burnett – Oct. 19, 1918

Field Service Postcard written Oct. 19, 1918

A Field Service Postcard sent to his mother on the day the 72nd was, “owing to the hasty retreat of the enemy”, on the move from Aubencheul-au-Bac to Bugnicourt in northern France. On arrival they were ordered to move on to Fosse St. Roch.

The Field Service Postcard, often referred to as a “Whiz Bang” or “Quick Firer” provided soldiers with a quick and easy way of keeping in touch with loved ones. These were essentially form letters and the soldier would simply cross off any information that wasn’t applicable. They would address the front of the card and sign and date the back and nothing more. Any additional information would result in the card being destroyed by the military censors.

In this instance Harry is simply telling his Mother that he is alive and well.

View the original postcard on Flickr

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