H K Burnett – Dec. 30, 1917

1-page letter written on Dec. 30, 1917

A brief letter written to his mother from the 72nd Battalion’s position at Vancouver Camp, Chateau de la Hare on Dec. 30, 1917.

The Battalion had just returned from 10 days in the front lines. They arrived at 2:30am and the day was devoted to cleaning up.


“France, Dec. 30th, 1917

Dear Mother,

You will no doubt wonder why I’ve not written sooner, but there has been no chance for the last two weeks, so my last letter would be dated about the 17th Dec. We had no field p.c.’s so could not send you one of them.

We left our last billets two weeks ago today and have been in the trenches ever since. I don’t know how long we are out for now but it will be over a week.

I will try and write tomorrow. There will be time then and at present I am dead tired.

Hope you are better and do take care of yourselves.

Love to you all,

Your own Harry.”

View the original letter on Flickr

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