H K Burnett – Nov. 11, 1917

2-page letter written Nov. 11, 1917

A letter written to his mother while in France. He didn’t return to his Battalion until November 23 so it is likely he was at the 4th Canadian Infantry Base Depot at this time (in this letter he suggests his mother should ship parcels to the Depot and “if I have gone they will be forwarded alright”).

“France, Nov 11, 1917

Dear Mother

The parcel dated Sept. 15th came tonight. I had completely given it up and when writing tonight had intended saying that I thought it was gone for good. Everything was in good order & the candy is fine. You certainly sent a lot. The parcel had been opened by the Customs in England. I suppose because it was addressed c/o Uncle Bob. If you send any more parcels address them to me at 72nd Batt., 4th Canadian Infantry Base Depot, A.P.O. S 22, France, and if I have gone they will be forwarded alright, also you won’t have to pay English rates of postage.

What do you think of the photo? I think myself it is very good for a cheap one. I will send copies to the Hill—, Chaffey’s, William, Aunt Alicia & a copy of Margaret, one for Elsa & one to the Edmonds, also to the different relatives in England. If there are any extra copies I will let you have them & if you want anybody else to have them you can give them to whom you like. Have just been making a list of those I should send copies to & there are twenty on it and only eighteen photos.

There was a parcel from Tottie during the week. A pair of socks, some cigarettes, cards & biscuits. It was very kind of her & I must write her tonight.

Dorothy says in her letter that Geoff is now at Seaford. Has he been transferred to the Infrantry? I hope not. She also says that one of the Pearson’s from New Zealand has just come over. I must try & see him tomorrow as their base is next to ours.

The candy is being very much appreciated.

The weather has been beautiful today, though it is very cold. I am still on the guard but of course don’t know how long I will be here. I am feeling fine and am having a fair time. There were several concerts last week and yesterday. I sang at two wards in an Imperial hospital and at a Y.M.C.A. in the evening. It was funny, in the hospital where I thought they would want bright songs they asked for “A Perfect Day” & “Where my Caravan Has Rested” & ones like that. Strange isn’t it.

Well there doesn’t seem to be anything else so may as well wind up.

Love to all,

Your own Harry”

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