Guest Articles

Canadian Letters and Images Project helps share my grandfather’s WWI story — Stephanie Ann Warner

Stephanie Ann Warner’s latest blog article describes her recent visit to the Canadian Letters and Images Project at Vancouver Island University where Stephen Davies and his team digitized over 250 postcards, photos and personal items and made them available online. Stephanie’s article provides a great overview of this valuable Canadian Military History resource and I […]

Camp Petawawa

I recently met Stephanie Ann Warner at an event at the BC Archives. She’s created a great blog featuring photographs of her grandfather Harold Monks who, at age 21, emigrated […]

The Christmas Truce – 1914

Contributed by Sidney Allinson. Shortly after dawn on Dec. 25, 1914, the first Christmas Day of the First World War, hundreds of British and German troops spontaneously climbed out of their trench fortifications and crossed the usually deadly No Man’s Land between to shake hands with their enemies, exchange gifts, […]

The B.C. Bantams

Contributed by Sidney Allinson. The little men in khaki seemed impossibly short to be Canadian soldiers. Barely over five feet in height, they marched proudly, four abreast, to tunes of their brass band, smiling at the cheering crowds that lined Humboldt Street, Victoria, that bright morning of February 10, 1917. […]