A Salute to those on the Pandemic Front Line

Nurses, orderlies and convalescing soldiers at a UK hospital during the First World War

I can’t begin to count the number of books, articles, and correspondence I’ve read over the past ten years in an attempt to gain insight into the lives of those who lived through the First World War. But who could have imagined that in the span of a single month we would all get a crash course in lives being turned upside down?

While there are differences to be sure there can be no doubt that we are experiencing a level of uncertainty and restrictions to our daily life not seen since the 1940’s, and all of it without a single shot being fired. Today’s front line isn’t “over there”, it’s right here and the fight is being waged by first responders on our streets and in our hospitals who put themselves at risk in order to help those in need.

Many are showing their support for these front line workers by posting signs in windows or by participating in a nightly concert armed with pots and pans. I’ve been digging through my collection of photos and will post an image every week as a tribute to those who look after us, in both good times and bad. Today’s photograph is undated and I have no idea where in the UK it was taken but then again that isn’t the point.

I wish you well.


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