Merry Christmas and Best Wishes to Everyone in 2019

A 4th Division Christmas card from 1917

I’d like to wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I look forward to sharing more information with you in 2019, including articles on researching Canadian soldiers who served in the Second World War.

Until then I leave you with this clever Christmas card issued by the 4th Canadian Division in the winter of 1917-18. It was sent by an Uncle to his niece in Victoria, BC, both of whom are pictured below.

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  1. Do you have any info on the 54th Kootenay Battalion of the 4th Division? My Great Uncle, H.L. Hughes was mortally wounded in the March 1/17 trench raid at Vimy Ridge by different battalions of the 4th Divusion. He died 5 days later while being treated by the 12th Field medical team.
    H.L. Hughes was born in Drayton Ontario in 1888. He was a teacher in Princeton, Ontario before joining up with the 71st Battalion in London, Ontario.

    • Hi Robert,

      I’ve posted a number of articles relating to the 54th, most of which are related to Pte. Valentine Hitchcock, which you’ll find here:

      Unfortunately the book “Cinquante-quatre : being a short history of the 54th Canadian Infantry Battalion” is no longer in print nor has it been digitized. There is a chance you may find a copy in your library otherwise there are expensive original editions available on

      You’ll also find some information on and of course in the unit’s war diaries at Library and Archives Canada.

      If you’re looking for more detailed information on your great Uncle’s experience with the 54th just let me know and I can get in touch by email.


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