Update: CEF Service File Estimate for July 2016

Table 2 - Estimated # of Service Files

Estimated # of Service Files


Estimated Schedule & Actuals

This is the third update to My Estimate of when your CEF Service File will be Digitized article posted last December. I was away last month and so it’s been three months since my last update. Library and Archives Canada posts updates on their blog on the 15th of each month, including one earlier today.

The latest figures show that as of July 15, 2016: 307,588 of 640,000 Canadian First World War service files have been digitized and uploaded to their database where they can be viewed online for free. These currently include soldiers with surnames up to and including Knaggs.

My original estimate assumed LAC would digitize and upload 11,300 files a month if they were to complete the project by the end of 2018. LAC has been on target for the last three months and surnames beginning with “L” should start appearing this time next month.

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4 replies

  1. I finally looked at my great-uncle Stanley B Holman’s file but many of the pages are pixelated and unreadable. Bad scan unfortunately.
    Though from what I could read, he entered the war zone on Sept 24 and was dead by Oct 17. So sad.

    • The scan looks fine to me … perhaps something happened to the PDF while you were downloading it? I always save the PDF rather than view it online as it is faster to scroll between pages.

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