The Big Push: Preparations For My Very Own Spring Offensive


Sticking your neck out is never easy as this old soldier knows only too well (Sketch by Pte Dennis Ainsworth, 1917)

The stalemate that has characterized the last few years of my IT career is over. After much deliberation I’ve decided to leave my steady job and focus my energy on more meaningful work. This is not the first time I’ve ventured into unknown territory but hopefully it will be as fulfilling an experiment as it was twenty years ago.

As a reader of my blog you can expect a lot more from Doing Our Bit. I plan to post more often and devote as much time as possible to helping you research and commemorate your military ancestors. I’m also hoping to connect with organizations looking for freelance assistance on military, family or local history projects. If you hear of any opportunities I would very much appreciate it if you could drop me a note.

I have a lot planned for this spring including my first visit to the UK in four years! I’m looking forward to a long walk in Wales and to solving the final mystery surrounding the disappearance of my great-grandfather Herbert. I also hope to spend time in Ypres visiting the graves of soldiers I’ve researched and marking the centenary of the Battle of Mount Sorrel.

It’s unlikely I would be making this bold move had it not been for the kind feedback and support of my readers. For this I thank you all very much!

Hopefully it doesn't come to this!

Hopefully it doesn’t come to this. Most Canadians wouldn’t know what to make of Cricket Bat Man.

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