Who Goes There? Massed Regimental Bands

Massed Regimental Bands possibly including the 106th Regiment, Winnipeg Light Infantry

Massed Regimental Bands somewhere in Canada, possibly Winnipeg (click to view high-resolution image)

I recently acquired this 14″ x 21″ First World War photograph of massed Regimental Bands. It was scanned in four pieces and stitched together so I apologize for the patchwork nature of the image. It is nonetheless an interesting image to examine.

While it’s difficult to identify the variety of cap badges I do believe I have made out “106” on the bass drum in the lower left corner. Judging from the buildings in the background I’m assuming this photograph was taken in Canada and that the drum could belong to the 106th Regiment, Winnipeg Light Infantry. I’d be interested in hearing from historians in Manitoba who may recognize the unusual combination of corrugated iron and architectural detail in the buildings in the background and of course any information on the bandsmen.

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