CBC Radio airs First World War programming

In a previous article I criticized the CBC for being ‘missing in action’ when it came to First World War centenary coverage. However my claim was nipped in the bud by CBC Radio when they aired an excellent selection of programs in the week leading up to the 100th anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Sofia. It also launched a new 10-part series entitled The Bugle and the Passing Bell which features fascinating interviews with First World War veterans recorded in 1964.

Half of my visitors are from the UK and so a very brief backgrounder on the CBC: the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is the nation’s public broadcaster similar to the BBC in some respects, in particular CBC Radio which is (mostly) commercial free and attracts a very loyal audience. In recent years the CBC has received substantial cuts in government funding. While Canadians subsidize the CBC through general tax revenues we do not pay a licence fee. A recent article reported that the subsidy works out to $34 per Canadian taxpayer per year, compared to the equivalent of $124 paid per British taxpayer each year towards the BBC.

Despite their financial dilemma I’m hoping that more excellent programming is on the way and so I’ve added a WW1 on CBC Radio page to my blog. Here’s a summary of the radio programs that have aired to date (you can listen to episodes online or download a podcast):

The Bugle and the Passing Bell

  • A new 10-week series of 30-minute episodes featuring interviews with Canadian First World War veterans conducted by the CBC in 1964. Note: the original 1964 radio series, entitled Flanders’ Fields: Canadian Voices from WW1 is available on iTunes for $9.99.

IDEAS about World War One

  • Five one-hour episodes including: Margaret Macmillan and World War One, World War One and the Birth of Public Relations, Wind of Another Planet: Music and the Great War, Madness and the Prolonged War and Just War Theory: So What?

Klay and Mills on the ‘Great War’s’ cultural impact (Q with Jian Ghomeshi)

  • 14-minute interview with comic writer Pat Mills and Iraqi veteran Phil Klay

WWI centennial: Robert Fisk on the war at home (Q with Jian Ghomeshi)

  • 15-minute interview with Robert Fisk

Blood, Blunder and Valour: Canada and the world go to war (The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti)

  • 22-minute interview with Thomas Otte, Tim Cook and Jennifer Jenkins

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