Canadian WW1 Military Histories

72nd Battalion Regimental History

72nd Battalion Regimental History

Regimental Histories and War Diaries are a wonderful resource when researching a soldier of the First World War. When used in conjunction with a soldier’s Service Record they provide a wealth of valuable background material that can be used to reconstruct the movements and experiences of your soldier.

Unfortunately Regimental Histories are hard to find and often quite expensive when you do lay your hands on a copy. It’s not unusual to see them sell for well over $100 each and this is hard to justify if you are only researching one or two soldiers from a regiment. There are alternatives of course. Archive CD Books Canada offers digitized versions on CD for $20-30 each (currently on sale for 50% off) and includes many Regimental Histories as part of it’s Canadian collection. Subscriptions typically run $20-$30 per month although you will also gain access to a wealth of other records.

The good news is that Canadian Military Histories, a joint venture between the University of Calgary and The Military Museums of Calgary, provides FREE access to a wonderful selection of military reference material. Canadian Military Histories covers all Canadian conflicts however I’ve included direct links to all the current WW1 titles in the list below. I’ll maintain this list on my new WW1 Canadian Reference Books page.

The good news continues because these reference books are searchable. Ten years ago I needed the help of the Royal Montreal Regiment’s archivist in order to find a reference to my great-grandfather. Today I can discover this fact using a simple search of the digitized edition of the Royal Montreal Regiment, 14th Battalion, C.E.F., 1914-1925.

A big thank you to the folks at Canadian Military Histories for making this possible!

Regimental Histories (in numerical order)

Government Publications (in chronological order)

Honour Rolls (in chronological order)

Other Great War Accounts (in chronological order)

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