Christmas at the Front – Merry Christmas everyone!

A brief post to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Should you be looking for ideas on what to serve at your First World War Centenary Christmas dinner you will appreciate the menu on offer to the 8th Canadian Siege Battery, CGA in 1918 (and for goodness sake don’t forget the S.R.D. Sauce for your Christmas Pud!).

The Officers, NCO’s and men mentioned in this menu are:

Major R. A. Ring, Capt. A. I. Cunningham, Lieut. T. D. Farquhar, Lieut. C. M. MacDowell, Lieut. J. P. MacCormac, Lieut. G. Goodwin, Lieut. R. P. Freeman, Lieut. E. J. Gregson, Lieut. T. J. McVittie, B.S.M. H. R. Lea, B.Q.M.S. H. Woodall M.M., S/Sergt. C. R. Delafosse C.O.C., Sergt. G. A. MacDonald, Sergt. G. A. Pealo, Sergt. J. S. J. Hughes, Sergt. P. Murnaghan, Sergt. G. W. McKenzie, Sergt. J. C. Smeaton M.M., Sergt. C. D. Stewart, A/Sergt. L. A. McDougall, Cpl. J. A. Mallett, Cpl. P. A. McLellan, Cpl. S. J. Thomson, Cpl. T. Ralph M.M., Cpl. J.H. McKenna M.M., Cpl A. B. Westworth, Cpl. N. A. Munroe, Cpl. L. R. Jones, A/Cpl. E. R. Bovyer, Bdr. F. J. MacDonald, Gnr. T. M. Fullerton, Gnr. J. S. Jenkins, Gnr. A. M. Little, Gnr. J. W. Mowat

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