Who Goes There? No. 2 Coy Mountain Battery RGA

Underneath one of these jaunty caps can be found Gunner Clark of the No. 2 Company Mountain Battery Royal Garrison Artillery. While some Mountain Batteries served in India some spent time in France before moving on to either Salonika and/or Egypt. According to The Long, Long Trail No. 2 Coy was sent to France with III Corps in December 1914 and attached to the 4th Division in March 1915. They moved to Salonika in 1916 and then to India in 1919.

This set of three postcards may have been photographed in England prior to shipping out to France in December 1914. They are wonderful images, particularly the one showing the boys enjoying a pint with friends and family.



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  1. These are fantastic, thanks for sharing them. I have been researching my Grandfather Charles Waterfield who served with 2 Mountain Battery throughout WW1. I am currently writing up all my research. Do you have any other documents relating to the Battery? I have worked my way through all the War Diaries but any other original material would be fascinating. It would be great to find a soldiers diary to give more colour.

    • Hi Clive … thanks for your comment. I’m afraid I don’t have any other documents on the 2 Mountain Battery, just the postcards which I obtained nearly 10 years ago. A soldier’s diary or memoir would be ideal. I checked my Canadian memoir reference book as there are several memoirs by men who served in the RGA at some point in their career but unfortunately 2 Mountain Battery wasn’t mentioned. I assume you obtained the War Diaries via the National Archives in which case you likely have checked to see if they had any other references? If I can think of anything else I will be in touch. Thanks again, Steve.

      • Hi Steve
        Thanks for getting back to me. Yes i have checked the National Archives. I am also gradually working my way through references in war diaries to any other members of the battery and researching them to see if i unearth anything. Will let you know if i come across anything that adds to these picture.

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