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  1. It was for sale in a local shop although I did not buy it from them directly. I bought a dozen issues from 1915/16 but this issue was conspicuously missing. When I mentioned it to a friend he smiled and said it was because he had bought it. He gave it to me for Christmas which was very kind of him.

  2. You’ve got the author credit in the 29th issue ?
    His country of origin seems not to have reached this UK audience.
    First publication here appears to be PEI’s Carrie Ellen Holman’s Toronto
    1916 publication of her anthology”In the Day of Battle.”

  3. The page image from bound copy set late 1915 is posted to McCrae’s Virtual War Memorial project and the indexing
    error noted in the cutline if you open it, but not the page itself.
    While you wait to acquire that issue, will see if can make an image. Otherwise could photocopy it and put it in the mail.
    How IFF travelled around the world in that even pre-radio era is fascinating, and wonder how much credit is due
    to this PEI anthologist getting it to the Toronto book market so soon.

  4. This website has the text – Punch – December 29, 1915

    Google listing:

    The Propagander ™. Presents: Punch, or. The London Charivari. December 29, 1915. Click to join 3rdReichStudies. Make your own free website on Tripod.com..

    • Thanks very much. I can see the scans and the error in the index attributing “In Flanders Fields” to “McCree” rather than “McCrae”.

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