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Last week I made the decision to switch On Active Service from a website to a blog. I maintain four other WordPress blogs and so standardizing on this format should make it easier and less time-consuming to add the many letters and photos that are waiting in the wings.

All the content from my old site is here although it is organized and presented differently. One big advantage of a blog is the ability for visitors to add comments and so I hope to hear from those of you who also share an interest in this period of our history.

I’ve included a page, accessible from the “Soldier” drop-down menu, of all the servicemen featured on this blog. Stories or transcripts of letters will be posted from time to time and these can be viewed several ways, including by clicking Correspondence in the Categories list in the righthand column. Scans of the original letters and other images are hosted on my Flickr account and linked to from various points within my blog.

I’ve included my Twitter feed on the blog’s front page and you’ll see that I often tweet about First World War topics. If you want to follow me simply click the “Follow @jake_a_loo” button.

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