B W Robertson – Nov. 15, 1916

A letter written to his sister Margaret (“Beah”) on Nov. 15, 1916.


“Nov 15, 1916
#743179 M.G.S.
115th Bn C.E.F.
Ar. P.O. Lon. Eng.

Put my name on my letters. This address will do till I am sure I am in the 58th Btty.

Dear Beah,

Got your letter all right. It’s great you like your new place so well. I suppose you will have your little troubles at first. Only you can’t do the same as I did when somebody bothers you. I used to tell them if they wanted to raise — to come out in front of the Company and I would try and accommodate them. Lucky for me they never called my bluff.

Well, I am going on another pass today. Only four days this time. I am going to London first and then Portsmouth. I have all the passes I wanted the last month.

When I come back (Monday) I am going to the 58th Howitzer Btty. I was transferred last week. I will be glad to get out of the infantry. Artillery for me from now on. I don’t know much about it yet. I will write when I get there. They tell me it is fine.

I’m sorry I sent all my pictures home before your letter came. I will have some more soon. In a new suit. With Love Daw.”

View his original letters and family tree info on Flickr

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