T W Estee – Jan. 13, 1918

6-page letter written Jan. 13, 1918

A love letter written to his sweetheart Georgia from Witley Camp in England on Jan. 13, 1918.

Tully would survive the war and eventually marry and raise a family with Georgia.

“The Flag That Flies in Freedom’s Cause”

“Witley Camp
Surrey, Eng.
Sunday Jan. 13th/18
Miss Georgia Gower
Dearest Love,

Just a few more words of greeting to-day to say I am well and very busy. I don’t get nearly enough writing time. No! Dear I did not write yesterday at all. I was thinking of you and buying cards etc; to add to your collection.

I rec’d a nice box this morning from Dora Spencer. Joe and I will eat it too. I called on Kelly and he had just rec’d a dandy box of eats and we had a feed and he will come down and help me get rid of mine. That’s fair isn’t it.

Oh! yes that something else that I wanted to tell in a letter a few days ago was this: I met an old school pal o’mine Bobby Holmes.

We both recognised each other as we were passing in tin town. Bobby was “over here” on leave and took a trip over to the camp. ‘Tis about seven years since we had seen each other: but seven years isn’t very long. He said I was not getting any older and I just had to return the compliment to him although he has roughed it some “over there”.

I was on duty at Milford cross-roads this morning. The lady that lives in “Elm House” there brought me out a cup of hot tea which was very acceptable as I was rather cold at least my footsies were.

The sun has been shining brightly all day and the days are beginning to lengthen out.

I will likely be on duty this evening at the bus or taxi stand here in camp.

Well Dear it is four o’clock now so I must run and get supper and get on the job again.

Hoping that you and yours are all well and happy I am Every your own Loving, Devoted and Affectionate Sweetheart Tully

L. O. V. E.”

View his original letters on Flickr

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