Aboard the Andania

Canon Frederick George Scott was attached to 14th Battalion at Valcartier and a chapter in his book, The Great War as I Saw It, is devoted to his experiences at Valcartier Camp. He also wrote an excellent account of their voyage from Quebec to Plymouth aboard the RMS Andania.

Not all of the 14th Battalion was aboard the Andania but a medical examination document confirms that Herbert was.  The 14th shared the Andania with the 16th Battalion, made up of Highland Regiments from Victoria, Vancouver, Winnipeg and Hamilton. My favourite story involves future Victoria Cross recipient Jimmy Richardson, a Piper with the 16th.  The story goes that while practicing he was interrupted by members of the 14th, the only non-Highland Battalion in the 3rd Infantry Brigade.  This didn’t sit well with the 16th and so the battalion, accompanied by the Pipes and Drums, proceeded below decks to ensure the 14th had a front row seat to a prolonged practice session. According to Scott the 14th “retaliated by turning the hose on them. A genuine battle between the contending factions was only averted by the diplomacy of the O.C.”.  The photo above shows Jimmy Richardson’s Pipes on display in the rotunda at the B.C. Legislature.

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